O’Mei Chinese Restaurant Closure – Anatomy of Political Suppression

Posted by DanielS on Wednesday, 06 September 2017 18:00.

The Fetch, “O’Mei Chinese Restaurant Closure – Anatomy of Political Suppression”, 5 Sept 2017:

Recent circumstances surrounding the closure of the O’Mei Chinese Restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA, and Club Jäger in Minneapolis, MN, showed them to be the target of an assault as publicly available federal campaign donation records were accessed to David Duke’s Louisiana 2016 federal senatorial bid.  In each case, the owner of O’Mei Restaurant, Roger Grigsby, and the owner of Club Jäger, Julius Jaeger De Roma, were referenced in a hit list put out by Lynda Carson, an Antifa sympathizer “journalist” working for Indybay Media in San Francisco.

In the case of Roger Grigsby, the original hit piece article was followed-up with an article in the local Santa Cruz digital edition of Indymedia headline oozing with gloating contempt for the honesty and decency of people daring to support political efforts not approved by Jewish/Antifa political and media affiliations.

Taken in total, we appear to be witnessing a coordinated effort by Jewish/Antifa forces to smear and destroy businesses of those supporting political efforts that are diametrically opposed to Jewish political interests.

Herein is an anatomy of how Jewish power operates.

Innuendo and Smear Campaign

The first inkling that a person is in the process of being targeted can be seen by the sudden change in innuendo and smears appearing in traditionally sympathetic editorial venues. For businesses, the smear campaign begins by unknown and unseen writers commenting on sites for which the targeted company may be found. In the case of restaurants, this will be seen in an increasing number of negative reviews for the restaurant.

In the case of O’Mei Restaurant, the theme of those working on the smear campaign was “updating the menu” as can be seen by this post, admitted by the “reviewer” as being 2 months subsequent to the last visit but chiming in after the Jewish/Fake News/MSM rolled out the smear the campaign nationwide.

For its part, Yelp understands this and takes a proactive approach to clean the comments of often slanderous innuendo by removing negative posts that they believe to be brought about by the “significant news event”. However, it should be factored in that smear campaigns are not necessarily motivated independently after slanderous stories hit, but rather occur before these stories break as part of the softening up process.

In the case of O’Mei Restaurant, negative reviews began as early as February 16, with some reviews so long that the reviewer seemed to be trying to hide the fact that he was making a negative review by posting quite a lot of “blowhard puffery” before concluding with the “menu needs an update” zinger.

Targeting Front Line Staff

In the case of both O’Mei Restaurant and Club Jäger, each establishment saw front line staff targeted with the intent to have them “quit in protest” against “the racist owners”.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, far too many people will sacrifice themselves, their families, and their employers onto the altar of Jewish Marxism and its repugnant ideologies and practices such as “political correctness”.

By getting the front line staff to “resign”, the business by default is forced to close as there remains no staff trained to work with the public.  This results in a forced closure of the establishment by the owner as there are no direct resources available to effectively run the business.

Hostile media stands at the ready to pounce on the new dynamics by reporting essentially a barrage of fake news, selling the false story that “employees and customers” are boycotting the establishment.

In the case of O’Mei Restaurant, front line staff, the servers and waiters, were met at a bar and pressured to leave the company, which they did.  In the case of Club Jäger, the front line staff were also approached and “encouraged” to resign in protest.  That all of this points to an open conspiracy to harm the business owners goes without saying.  To believe that an obscure story on a non-descript website would have such a reach is absurd.

Frankly, nobody would actually care without some direct face to face intervention to ensure that the front line staff is compliant and agrees to “boycott” the establishment.

Once front line staff have been compromised (and most are too limp necked to understand there is a targeted campaign in effect and stupid enough to sacrifice their own interests to support Jewish interests), the next phase of the operation may begin.

Local Media Assaults

The next step in the targeted harassment campaign is simply to release the story in the local media. The media, being mostly filled with liberal morons who have never met a Jewish cause they could not “fully get behind”, runs the story in the most dishonest and FAKE way possible, often dressing up the article with even larger swaths of yellow journalism for the intended purpose of smearing the target AND firing up the hordes of brain dead morons who stand ready to fill the comments sections of the article or video with endless streams of virtue signaling idiocy that could only make a proud card carrying member of the ADL or SPLC proud.

It is within the comments sections of these articles that “velocity” of the story is reached, a “force multiplier” brought about by comment sections of digital publications being stacked with liberal “trolls” all too eager and willing to pile on to the targeted victim without a care for decency, honesty, or integrity.


Very few, if any, of those writing in comments sections actually know the target, let alone the real circumstances of the story: what they do know is that Jewish media has told them to bark, and like dogs, they bark. Incessantly. Worse, a percentage of these people are Jewish and they know PRECISELY the anti-White/European venom they are spewing, while delighting in watching unsuspecting or idiotic “goy” join them in their venom spew fest.

It is a witch hunt, initiated by unethical and dishonest reporting, backed by a small contingent of organized trolls who stir up hatred in the “comments”, and then watch the “pile on” begin.

Without necessary resources to counter such a planned character assassination agenda narrative, the political suppression becomes complete and effective – at least for a month or more, while people sort out what really might or did happen to their community.

A National and International Roll-Out

The reality that we are witnessing a planned suppression of political expression becomes all too obvious once the story gets picked up by national, and even international, media. In the case of O’Mei Restaurant, shortly after the story broke, it was picked up by CBS News Channel 5 in San Francisco.

Within a week of the story “breaking locally”, the Fake News (Jewish) media had rolled the story out across the globe. Utilizing Google, a collaborator in Jewish political suppression efforts, showed 21,600 listings for the closure of O’Mei restaurant, with the story even making its way into such “prominent” platforms as The Washington Post (here), WBRZ.com (here), and ABC News (here).


One has to ask: why would WBRZ or ABC need to run with what is really a local story run by an unethical, malicious Antifa “reporter” in some small town in California, unless there was not a clear agenda behind it?  The message Jewish media seems to be sending is very clear: if you DARE support ANY candidate that even breathes a whiff of an agenda that runs counter to America’s hostile Jewish agenda, you can expect the force and might of Jewish political pressure to be brought to bear.

Imagine. Small American businessmen are being smashed and forced to shut down their businesses under the open scorn of Jewish media companies because of a mere US$500 donation to a candidate Jewish power constantly vilifies. Meanwhile, Americans hardly know that the top 5 donors to the Clinton run for the Presidency were Jews.

And they raised $BILLIONS.

The suffocating nature of Jewish suppression of political expression is in the open and for all to see. Combine the O’Mei Restaurant story with the never ending purges of Nationalist accounts on social media, and increasingly, the Internet itself, and it becomes clear that Houston has a problem, and it has everything to do with a flood of sorts. America’s political well being is being drowned and suffocated under the weight of Jewish suppression of political expression.

The O’Mei Story

What happened to O’Mei Restaurant, Club Jager, and numerous Internet sites and social media accounts, is but an expanding effort by a hostile Jewish elite working in tandem with their vast resources to stifle political expression in America.  They are telling Americans and the world that Jews dominate the political spectrum, and you voice opinions or support efforts counter to these Jewish interests at your own peril.

We are witnessing the unveiling of a pending totalitarianism for the United States the likes of which have not been seen since Jewish hordes over ran White Russia and murdered tens upon tens of millions. People ignore these perils at their own risk, but in the very process, risk the very well being the United States, and Western civilization at large.

In the case of O’Mei Restaurant, it was staffed by an owner married twice, each to a Chinese woman, 2 Chinese, 1 Sephardic Jew, 2 Mexican-Americans, a Greek-Mexican mix, and a Scandinavian.  Hardly your open and avowed “racist” – but truth is always the first casualty in war, and there is clearly a “war on Whites” by an extremely hostile Jewish elite.

Note:  The owner of O’Mei Restaurant has been a financial contributor to and supporter of Inside the Eye – Live! for years. The owner of O’Mei Restaurant was contacted as part of this article.  Emails to the Antifa supporting “journalist”, Lynda Carlson, were not returned.

The Mercury News, “Boycott over David Duke donations closes Santa Cruz restaurant”, 1 Sept 2017:

SANTA CRUZ – A long-time Westside Chinese food restaurant has shuttered, perhaps permanently, in the face of a boycott and heated online backlash against the owner’s 2016 political donations.

Roger Grigsby, owner of O’mei Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, said on Wednesday that he made several donations adding up to $500 to the U.S. Senate campaign of Louisiana’s David Duke during his unsuccessful 2016 run. Duke served as a Ku Klux Klan leader from 1974 to 1978. Grigsby said he has been dealing with “political terror” and an “attack” on his business as word of his donations has spread from an alternative news site to a business review site to neighborhood discussion boards and blogs.

“They spread the gossip, they spread it as if it’s truth. All the things they called me: white supremacist, neo-Nazi, KKK — it’s all bullshit,” Grigsby said by phone. “My girlfriend and my former wife were both Chinese. Anybody who knows me, it’s like the United Colors of Benetton in our restaurant. We’ve had every ethnicity.”

Grigsby’s donations, publicly available information through the Federal Election Commission, were brought to light on Aug. 16 by community news site The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, at Indybay.org. The issue of Grigsby’s donations comes in the wake of the Aug. 12 violent clashes between a white nationalist rally and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one dead.

Grigsby, who also made several donations adding up to $500 to the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee,” according to public campaign disclosure listings on the U.S. Federal Election Commission website fec.gov, defended his support of Duke’s campaign. Duke, he said, is unfairly characterized by the news media as a “hate caricature.”

“He is defending the civil rights of European-Americans, whites, defending them from attacks against them,” Grigsby said of Duke. “If you can’t see that in the media, I don’t know what to tell you. The very word, ‘white supremacist’ is an attack. Nobody calls Mexicans and blacks and Chinese ‘Nazis.’ They only call white people ‘Nazis.’ The idea there is to make guilt by association of two words. White people and evil Nazis.”

Duke has served as founder of the now-defunct European-American Unity and Rights Organization and served a term as a Louisiana state representative in 1989. He is also a convicted felon, having served a 15-month federal prison sentence and paid a $10,000 fine after pleading guilty in 2002 to mail fraud and false tax return filing charges.


In recent days, signs noting O’mei’s closure after 38 years due to “slanderous and malicious internet rumors” have been spread across the business’ windows. Grigsby said he is dividing his time between supporting about five employees with their unemployment claims and flagging negative online comments about the business.

Bonny Doon resident and mystery novel author Nancy Lynn Jarvis is one of O’mei’s customers who finds herself emotionally torn by the upset, calling the business a Santa Cruz institution. Jarvis said she has been a loyal O’mei customer since it was located on campus at UC Santa Cruz, Grigsby’s alma mater. Jarvis’ fictional Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries characters, Regan and Tom, have stopped by O’mei for meals in her books. No more, she said.

“There is simply no way that I can ever go back there; I feel slightly nauseous when I think about all the money that was contributed there that could potentially end up where it did,” Jarvis said. “So, I’m done and I’m glad it’s closed. I feel really sorry for the people working there, because obviously they’re going to have to find other jobs. That’s the only down side I can see.”

Jarvis said she waited nearly a week after hearing rumors of Grigsby’s political donation and did a significant amount of personal research before believing the news.

Santa Cruz resident Ronnie Record, also a former O’mei customer, announced his intention to boycott the restaurant on neighborhood site Nextdoor.com and Facebook last week.

“To be clear, I regularly do business with and consider myself friends with individuals who identify as Conservative/Republican/Right Wing politically,” Record wrote on Facebook. “I respect their views and value their perspective. I do not believe it would be a good thing to boycott businesses just because their political view may differ from mine. This is a matter of a business owner supporting one of the most prominent leaders, members, and promoters of the Ku Klux Klan, a domestic terrorist organization.”


Casey Beyer, president and CEO for Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce, said he has seen the Santa Cruz community react strongly against businesses whose leadership take a political stance differing from the larger community, though usually related to more localized issues. He said he also has seen businesses remain silent on political issues, to avoid such a spotlight . Taking a controversial position, Beyer said, opens businesses to a backlash.

“I think the real sad testimony is what we see happening across the country with individuals expressing their point of view, which I don’t agree with at all, but then the counter-protesters creating violence and anger, which we saw in Berkeley this weekend,” Beyer said. “How does that resolve the conflict of hate, when you’re actually using violence to get your message across?”

O’mei is not a member of the Chamber of Commerce or the Santa Cruz County Business Council, according to both organizations’ leaders. Business Council Executive Director Robert Singleton said people have to “own where they put their money.”

“Individuals have the right to make politically poor choices but they will bear the repercussions of those poor choices, especially if they’re making a public stance or giving money toward a public figure,” Singleton said. “If you do that, you can suffer the repercussions and that’s typically why businesses stay out of politics or engage in very limited and direct way, with organizations like the Business Council. It’s just a shame that employees that had nothing to do with what that business owner said have their livelihood jeopardized because of a poor decision by their business owner to give money to someone as divisive and hateful as David Duke.”

Grigsby, 67, described himself as the restaurant’s “basically retired” owner who had been keeping the business open primarily for his approximately nine or fewer employees. Grigsby said several of his wait staff employees quit after hearing of his campaign donations, then went on to post negative comments to O’mei’s Yelp page.

“They basically have killed O’mei. I doubt very seriously if it can come back with this kind of attack,” Grigsby said. “I didn’t know the backlash would happen, because I didn’t know there would be that many stupid people in Santa Cruz who would actually believe this stuff. But I guess my beliefs were proved wrong. When I say ‘stupid,’ I mean ignorant.”


Ryan, this is Roger, owner and founder of Omei in Santa Cruz.

There is only one legitimate “side” in this “story”. My restaurant was subjected to political terrorism. By Indybay media, by bogus “reviews” placed on our Yelp! page, and by gossip on various other networks like Nextdoor and Facebook. The people at Yelp were not helpful in removing this disgusting garbage for over a week. By then it was too late. Due to peer pressure our wait staff walked off the job by not coming to work. At least one waiter was also posting scurrilous lies and innuendo on Yelp. Possibly another waiter was also involved.

So without waiters, we closed on Friday night, a first for us. We’ve been in business since 1979.

I really don’t want to do a phone interview and I have very little trust that metropolitan media outlets will treat me fairly anyway, since they (and you) are also subjected to political pressure even if you won’t admit that. As far as WHY this mob attack was done, it wasn’t about myself or the biz even though we were the target. We are just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing White European Americans into silence in what has come to be known as the “War on Whites”. My campaign contribution was to one of the men supporting European American Civil Rights. As a European American, it would be insane for me to not support said rights.

Any other questions should come to this email address.

Roger Grigsby

KM pointed out this attack on Grigsby in an interview with Dennis Fetcho.

They discuss Charlottesville and its ramfications. KM notes that the mayor of Charlottesville is Jewish.

..asserts that the guy carrying the Swastika was Fed plant…that “Klansman” and antifa were getting off the same bus to attend the rally.



Posted by KSCO's Georgia Peach discusses White genocide on Sat, 23 Sep 2017 02:39 | #

KSCO’s (1080 AM-Santa Cruz) Georgia Peach tackles “White Genocide”

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