Imperative to replace Golden Rule of Altruism w Silver Rule of Reciprocity for European Moral Order

Posted by DanielS on Sunday, 22 May 2016 11:10.

          The Sermon on The Mount Ensconces The Golden Rule of Altruism

Majorityrights prefers to deal with verifiable reality as opposed to speculative theory and faith based systems of rules as we look after the interests of our people. We are looking after genetic groupings and genetic interests as key criteria, even if these are not the only important verifiable criteria to keep track of our peoplehood and that of others. Rationale and rule structures are another criteria for that purpose.

While existence is of course equiprimordial to genetic interests, to secure it for any span and legacy requires rationale and varying degrees of sophistication to negotiate complex rule structures of interaction. “Rules” (1) are the term of common currency that we will use for the logics of meaning and action that people use to negotiate interaction and these complex, protracted exchanges beyond episode, close personal relationships in yield to maturity of their full social system; and its relation to other social systems.

For those of us who are coming from this kind of perspective, where we perceive ourselves as rationally and empirically grounded, it is difficult to understand someone like pastor David Blackburn, his love of Jesus that would have him not only forgive, but want to share his love of Jesus with the men who raped and murdered his wife and unborn child; but to my knowledge, he is at least not hoping to get them released from prison.

It is even more difficult to understand European peoples allowing, even welcoming foreign incursions into The U.K., Sweden, France and Germany - it is difficult to fathom the mindset of a Merkel, who would destroy our European peoples in service to non-Europeans. But there is one rule, convoluted rule, that they have in common and makes their position intelligible to us despite their apparent irrationality.

The Golden Rule is a part of the Sermon on the Mount, which is a central text in the Christian faith. It states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. There are similar instructions in many other cultures.

Despite receiving high respect and wide popularity, the rule raises critical questions. What is the recommendation more exactly, and is it good advice?

This post will prepare a discussion of the work of Jan Tullberg - viz., the difference between the golden rule of benevolence as opposed to the silver rule of reciprocity - as it applies to assist in the reconstruction of a necessary consensus of moral rules among European peoples and for coordinating our relations to others.

There is a consensus among advocates of European peoples that in essence we seek to secure the existence of our people. There is much dispute over how that is to be done…

One significant camp believes that the fight for existence is all important and any traditions and customs of morals must yield to whatever is necessary for our people’s survival. They believe that they are merely describing what “is” when they observe nature and see creatures struggling for resources against others and that it is quite the same for human nature. The determining factor in what creature survives and thrives is not who is the nicest and most moral to others, but who is the strongest, most intelligent, most cunning, resilient, those mighty enough to be independent of morality and social restraints against their self interests: might makes right. They do have a moral rule structure of sorts: anybody who tries to impose a moral rule structure is immoral - defending the dangerously weak and resentful.

While nature is ruthlessly objective and indifferent as to who is mighty and who is right to survive and thrive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should strive to be purely objective and indifferent. Nature and what is mighty by itself doesn’t care about us or the relationships that we care about. Moreover, the world of competition that this school of thought sees as pervasive is not altogether descriptive of the reality, particularly not on the more human levels of interaction; cooperation descriptively abounds on all levels of reality as well. Nevertheless, we ought to take into account what works factually, not only who we would like to win and how we might like cooperation to be. Might makes right does resonate of reality against much of our default wishful thinking.

There is a lot of truth to might makes right. And it is more than worthwhile, it is necessary even, to circle back as frequently as need be when things are not going right for your genetic interests to examine what is the case - what are “the mighty doing ‘right” that gives them might where we are losing out? A little of Nietzsche’s cynicism in asking the “who?” question was, and remains, necessary in order to throw off the yoke of petty moralism that can keep our hands tied behind our backs before our enemies and despite great possibilities otherwise. Taking that too far, however, and not understanding our nature and differences as humans can, lets be honest, will be, disastrous. Greg Johnson has noted that in the first epistle of The Republic, Plato refutes “might is right” by the observation that coalitions of “weaker” people can overcome the mighty individual(s).

Inter-group interaction is more complex and less objective than might makes right for most peoples. They are cooperating among themselves and sometimes against us. More in regard to relative interests, I like to point out the fact that our mighty and excellent qualities are not necessarily manifest in an episode, but through protracted patterns; thus, the assessment of who is “mighty” on an episodic basis and by a naive observer - as is wont to happen in the disorder of modernity for its rupturing of patterns though prohibitions of speculative protective social classification - is prone to render us unjustly the loser; losing-out along an under-supported developmental process. There are subtle factors in Neo-Aristotleanism which indicate that for our human nature, “might is right” is perhaps even more insufficient a rule system than it is for others. The assessment of proper European biology in particular must take into account the optimality and sublimation that is part and parcel of our k selective ways and its description, but also something to be protected in “oughtness” - as a matter of what distinguishes our kind of humanity and its excellence.

Indeed we are biological creatures evolved for optimal not maximal need satisfaction; mammals, evolved to care about relationships; second order cybernetic systems who can reflect on long term consequences of actions, can consider alternatives and learn new responses; coherence, accountability, warrant and agency are part and parcel of our human condition, as it is, inextricably enmeshed in praxis - social and other interaction - where there are reflexive effects; and to try to ignore or reduce this, our human complexity, to try to closely assimilate the less reflexive survival drives of non-human creatures, or perhaps even try to assimilate the non-biological world of forces and impacts, is to reduce our chances for survival against forces of competing people, systems and reality. The unit of survival is beyond organism plus group, as Darwin conceived it, and more like human group ecology plus pervasive ecology.

This neo-Aristotlean calibration which establishes necessary feedback to put circuit breakers on Nietzschean toxicity and the systemic runaway that we are currently in the throes of as a people is probably lacking critically in Hitler’s world view, the “might is righters” and the scientistically Dawinistic.

It is a consequent of The Enlightenment project for objectivity; and though the necessary Post Modern turn was underway particularly after World War I, it did not take hold enough to stave off a second world war so catastrophic for our people. And since World War II our people have remained bamboozled by the YKW who have some of their people espousing a modernist “objectivist” view where it suits them to avoid accountability; though more typically in recent decades, they’ve espoused a pseudo-post modernist view, “represented” by anti-White groups in coalitions wielding absurd propositions. Because the YKW have so effectively misrepresented the post modern turn, social constructionism and hermeneutics - its simple, salutary effect of negotiating the good and bad aspects of both tradition and modernity - most of our people are unclear about the necessity of the post modern turn, its difference, and they default into modernist ways or neo-traditionalism.

The majority of our people probably remain modernists, which suits the YKW just fine because our quest for objectivity is, well, blind or partly blind to our relative interests; an objectivist logic of meaning and action is short on accountability to our people as our people. The YKW will promote this in a morality of liberalism while the naive and disingenuous will go along with it.

Others can’t be satisfied to shrug-off the personal abuse they’ve experienced or the destruction with impunity of the ways and people that they hold dear; they often attribute this to a lack of “morals”, a social consensus by necessity, that corresponded to traditions and times when people were more loyal and conscientious. Other than the liberal Enlightenment values that pervade the society they find so repugnant, the only major moral consensus known for centuries by our people has been Christianity. For many Whites, that remains synonymous with morality and the moral order. They fight like mad to re-invoke it, and they are correct that a moral order is imperative. They are not correct that is is the only moral order nor the best suited to our interests.

Nevertheless, to them, typically, you are talking about Christianity or the other self defeating terms of Enlightened modernity - which they might call “secular humanism” - if you are talking about our people’s “morals” or lack thereof.

We’ve discussed how the YKW play the Enlightenment against us, by making us and only us play by its rules - distorting it beyond its rule structure and reason, to the point of absurdity; to where “Modernity’s objectivism” does not name the thing being named, which is more aptly called something like “anti-White”; and they play “Post Modernity” against us by distorting it beyond its rule structure and reason as well, to where everything is “cultural” and “valid” and neither does it name the thing that post modernity is supposed to name - a means to recognize the limits of modernity and objectivism, to reconstruct our people and ways where fine; and to coordinate with others without the narcissism of modernity - but no, YKW “post modernity” designates hideous architecture at best, more often a dada theater of the absurd, a freak show putting our resources at risk to arbitrary experimentation as surely as modernity did - for us, it is really just more modernity. In either case, “modernity” or pseudo, YKW “post modernity”, it is promoted by the YKW so long as it is against us and in their interests. The masters of discourse have controlled the frame and these distortions destructive to our EGI through academia, media and other power points.

But they have also held sway in “our traditional morality”. We have in prior essays discussed how the YKW control, and have historically controlled ((((the popular media for Goyem in days-gone-by))) the discourse to our detriment through Christianity.

Our people are more likely to have survived in spite of Christianity’s (((nonsense and “logics”))), if you can call it logic, than because of it. Despite the absurdity evident to anyone with common sense, fear, promises of a better world after, tradition, custom and habit, along with intimidating exclusion of contending moral orders, has instilled close associations for many between the term Christianity and the term “morals” - it has been THE MORAL ORDER for Europeans; even unconsciously and memetically to non-believers; steered by the YKW into its Noahide logics irrespective; while its fantastic and ubiquitous churches have been the only known meeting place for a consensus on our moral order: tax free corrals for the sheeple to be indoctrinated into surrendering their resources..

That’s a big problem…

Even if practiced ironically and selectively enough by some to allow them to look after their own and European people’s interests, the logics of the text by itself are against that and will lead many who take the text seriously to rupture - either by their own reading or by the misleading of others - whatever moral order achieved to serve European interests despite the Bible’s (((logics of meaning and action))).

The disillusionment that will come of Christianity for anyone who cares about European people then tends to provoke reactionary anti-moral thinking. But there is a problem even for these anti-moral reactionaries: There is no escaping moral rules. It is a universal truth that between people there will always be some things that are prohibited, some things which are obligatory and some things which are legitimate but optional; you will be confronted and stopped by the logical forces of others within your group or without if you do not take sufficient account of these rules by consensus.

It is imperative that we consciously determine our moral order, such that it conforms to our EGI or else our moral order will, by default, be determined by those who don’t care about us, or those who are downright enemies. In fact, that has been the case with regard to objectivism and the Abrahamic religions.

I won’t discuss European pagan religions here. They must have had some things right and they must have had some things wrong given the state of knowledge at the times. Furthermore, they tended to be tribal, not racial. Therefore, we are talking about the necessity of creating a new moral order by consensus for Europeans at any rate.

Still, there is this memetic embedding of Christian rules even for those who wish to step out of Christianity and out of its moral order altogether. Christianity has had such a long history as the foundation of our moral order that its rule structures are taken for granted and embedded even in secular institutions and practices. If we are to cure ourselves of its convoluted rule structures which misguide our people, we must go deep to its vital artery, expose it ever on a permanent alter for people to pass by and reject, every day if need be - so that it becomes deeply, habitually known by broad consensus, and felt to be wrong.

I am talking about the Golden Rule. I have mentioned that we needed to replace the Golden Rule with The Silver Rule in the past. But I have gone into nothing like the kind of detail that Professor Jan Tullberg has.

His examination of The Golden Rule of Benevolence versus the Silver Rule of Reciprocity provides a vital step of analysis to purge this poison to our would-be moral order. The excising of this mind cancer tumor is crucial to our people’s ability to coordinate with the rest of the world effectively and to our ultimate survival.

Again, when we are talking about building a consensus for a moral order, we are talking about negotiating rules of prohibition, obligation and legitimacy. We are not talking about “memes”, we are not talking about “thou shalt not kill even where your people’s life depends upon it”, we are not talking about being soft, nice and especially, we are not talking now about altruism to the point of obsequiousness.

We are talking about rules and the most important rule of all, the rule to address first, is The Golden Rule of altruism as it is ensconced in The Sermon on The Mount; and our necessary consensus for The Silver Rule to replace it.

One of the reasons that I have proposed Kant as an intermediary, weening-off step for Christians, is because of his first principle of “unanimity” (to think in agreement with yourself). Christian though Kant was, I saw nothing like that advice in the Bible. Its goes far as an antidote to the poison pill of the golden rule. Still, it does not go as far as the Silver Rule because it does not help to guide social action.

We Europeans are susceptible to the (((Golden Rule))) ruse, especially our Northern adaptations, because we are evolved more to fight the rigors of Augustinian devils - i.e., natural elements and cycles; as opposed to the cunning and rule changing treachery of Manichean devils for which Middle Eastern people are adapted of necessity for resource abundance and inter-tribal warfare.

We want to enjoy our lives and to do what we are good at - fighting Augustinian devils; that is characteristic of our European nature; we don’t want our lives entangled in battles with low I.Q. or worse, high I.Q. Middle Easterners. And we are correct to want to fight Augustinian devils, for those are the ultimate devils which will determine our survival, even if we can survive enemy peoples.

Nevertheless, we must survive other peoples and that means dealing with them. The Golden Rule is the opposite of a model for our survival as distinct in relation to other peoples. I submit that the Golden Rule is not moral at all. It has rather the hallmarks of an egregious (((Middle Eastern))) trick. The Silver Rule, on the other hand, is moral, it provides the currency and sets in motion the rule structure by which we can negotiate fair moral relations among our European peoples and with other peoples.

What follows is a letter in appeal to Professor Jan Tullberg for help and an interview…

Dear Professor Tullberg,

I am writing you on behalf of Majorityrights, a site dedicated to the genetic interests and human ecologies of European peoples.

We are very interested in your article - The Golden Rule of Benevolence versus the Silver Rule of Reciprocity - and would like to excerpt parts of it on our website, Majorityrights.

Would you consider talking with us? Even if to be critical of our approach (not that you necessarily would or should be)? Working toward a consensus regarding a moral order for European peoples which overcomes the obsequiousness of what has held the position of our moral order - viz. Christianity - is imperative to the defense of our peoples, acutely now, in evidence by the migration crisis.

I have long maintained the position that our moral order is troubled and in need of re-ordering - including the fact that it is crucial that we do away with the The Golden Rule and replace it with The Silver Rule. But I merely scratched the surface of that and that is a part of why your work is so interesting to me and so relevant to our project at Majorityrights in defense of European peoples.

We have two questions for you in that regard -

1) Could you possibly offer some advice, perhaps participate as we work around your article?
2) Would you be willing to speak with us for an interview?

These are urgent matters and we sincerely hope for your affirmative response to our request,

Daniel Sienkiewicz, Majorityrights

Here is a close approximation of the somewhat protracted addendum that I had penned, but did not include in the email to Prof. Tullberg:

In regard to your article The Golden Rule of Benevolence versus the Silver Rule of Reciprocity as it pertains to our website, Majorityrights.

MR is highly appropriate to present this material of yours, as it has always been dedicated to the rational interests of European peoples and the correction of theoretical errors which run counter to those interests - but this is especially appropriate now - you must be aware as to the urgency for which a European public concerned for their interests need to understand this material.

European peoples have had difficulty with the basic assertion of the existential reality of their identity, the legitimacy of their interests as distinguished from forces indifferent and dissolutive: whether a result of flighty and scientistic objectivism; subjective participation in international capital; or as distinguished from people indifferent to their systemic existence; even as distinguished from those antagonistic to their existence - who would seek to deny the reality of their discreet existence in order to weaken their collective identity and defense.

I naturally believe that we do exist as a people, that we do have legitimate interests in our evolution, human ecology and habitat, but I’ve experienced difficulty in organizing and gaining adherence to such fundamental defense for absence of and disruption of a coherent moral order to which our people might subscribe and expect accountability (to and from) - a rule structure which would observe that there are outsiders, not merely entitled to interact and participate on the same level taken for granted by those sharing our particular moral order.

I have either been confronted with that difficulty or sundry forms of right-wing anti-social snobbery - typically, arguments of the “naturalistic” kind; that nature determines these things and discussion of social terms is nonsense.

Despite that, in attempting to construct frameworks to deal with the problem of this disorder I have, like yourself, seen a great deal of explanatory and diagnostic power in ordinary language - it is a helpful starting point to detect patterns of shared discursive currency as they are taken for granted but serve through time to reveal and parse what moral ordering that we have remaining - open ended, subject to dissolution though it is, as you know.

While there are patterns in our ordinary language, they are confused in important regards. “The Left” is understood beneath ordinary language as unionized defense of peoples - except when applied to European peoples: for them it means the liberal opening of borders - only others, apparently, are allowed to unionize, and European peoples accept this. In contradiction to the fundamental meaning of leftism (unionized interest), European “leftists” are liberal, altruistically concerned for others; and the term left and liberal is used interchangeably when applied to them though it is really a contradiction of terms.

Objections to this paradoxic terminology and systemically self destructive performance requirements are met with charges of “racism, sexism and other ism’s” from those antagonistic to Whites - these charges have been overwhelming in decades following WWII - while all resistance is called “right-wing.” Since all social unionization has been closed-off as “left” or “racist”, people with implicit concern for European defense have had a tendency to go where their historical successes and comforts have lain, further to what is called “the far right”, in exaggerated forms of scientitic Cartesianism, or into the “morality” of Christianity, or some other sort of obsequious secular liberalism - but further from rationally accountable social organization and “unionization” of themselves.

Where I have tried to encourage our people to organize as a unionized “White Left”, in our interests, our people, in their individualistic and conditioned ways, have resisted, remain reactionary and try to conceive of me as doing the enemies bidding; perhaps this serves to preserve their position presiding over pet right wing projects, coordinating only feebly though they might through these “naturalistic” and essentially anti-social rule structures.

However, we cannot place hope that the arbitrary fallout of natural flux will judge in favor of our people’s just survival, let alone can we place faith in “divine providence” to rule as such, but we must instead take initiative to defend ourselves consciously, rationally, in a way that can be understood by the critical masses necessary to participate in our coherent defense: that requires the promulgation of a shared rule structure. Where people are not scared-off from social participation by the non-accountability of right-wing strictures, universalistic philosophies and Christianity in particular have been a bane of such organization.

Like yourself, I have seen the inculcation of the Golden Rule as a central problem against our defense; and that it is imperative to replace it with The Silver Rule. However, I had been thinking of The Silver rule in terms of “not doing unto others” - which you describe as merely a lower grade Golden Rule, while observing that the Silver Rule is rather a crucial matter of reciprocity - the importance of which the Golden Rule denies.  In fact, I have merely scratched the surface of the issue and went into nothing remotely like the depth and elaboration that you have in parsing these rules and illustrating the importance of the distinction as you have in your article.

Our peoples are in trouble for not being able to defend themselves as a biosystemic entity, for their evolved proclivity to objective struggle against nature as opposed to ethnocentric rivalries (with others peoples, who ARE geared to ethnocentric rivalries); for the naive susceptibility to the golden rule for those who would surrender their side perhaps to mimick a signal of innocence and the purity of objectivist values - which they might hope to find codified in religion; or in rational blindness to self interest for those who prefer to place faith in the hope that more impartial scientific pursuit will yield sufficient results.

But again, we are not only subject to dissolution as a result of our own blindness or self and kin negligence. We are subject to antagonism and rhetorical assault by those who do act in their ethnocentric interests. On the highest level of abstraction in antagonism to our organization as a people, we are under rhetorical attack under the rubric of anti-racism by the so called “left”; and if we react negatively against that charge, as “right wingers”, in response to the denunciation of our asserted self interests, then, indeed, ordinary language sorts out the rightist tendencies to further pursue the abstract, “factual” and the scientistically, quantitatively measurable - “Non-equality” - some people are just better according to a singular universal criteria; that’s the way it is, no arguments need apply; arguments and considering different ways of life and priorities are for ((them))) anyway. Or they seek concepts beyond social negotiation and rhetorical trammel in the realm of faith…but anti social, and likely to end in reciprocally escalating conflict either way - science or religion: not based with an eye toward praxis - people in interaction and accountable to one another as the prime determination and consideration.

The lack of accountability to social organization that results is a great deal more like liberalism and universalism - more like the golden rule - than it is like a unionization of interests.

While it is taken as a response to the left, it is indeed a reaction to other “lefts”, their unions of self interest. This has been a maneuvering of those who fear “White” collective organization - and those who fear such unionization meet any such motion to White organization with a myriad of tactics to counter and subvert it.

One of those tactics I have touched upon: they have represented leftist coalitions as strictly being the way of those who are antagonistic or conflictual of European people, and that makes it additionally difficult to persuade European people who are by nature against, or who have been conditioned against, collectivism of the the left - particularly as these unions have been made didactic in one form or another, ranging from the Soviet Union, to PC and social justice warriors, to National Socialism, organization in racial defense amounts to what has been through ordinary language called Marxist or racist.

However, long standing promulgation of the terms that European people who defend themselves as European people are to be identified as “right wing” and even “far right wing” is only a preliminary difficulty in getting them to organize their defense.

Where the quest for “innocence” in objectivity or even the esteem of bringing forth its technological fruits do not predominate in their psyche to incite a selfless ego naive and ripe for exploitation, where these quests for innocence or moral superiority do not translate to self sacrifice and destruction of what systemic happenstance of European human ecology that remains, then the hold over of Christianity - especially the golden rule - does.

While I have long held that the instilling of The Golden rule in European peoples is one of our largest problems and that we desperately need to dislodge it and replace it with the Silver rule, I have gone into nothing like the kind of detail with which you handle the matter in this wonderful essay of yours.

While you have applied this examination mostly to the context of business ethics, we are interested in looking at your study from the context of defending European peoples, who are, as I’m sure you are aware, under an existential threat that can no longer sustain the Golden Rule if we are to survive as a distinct genetic species, a human ecological system among human and other ecological systems.

Nevertheless, merely attempting to “throw moral rules out the window” will not do.  It is not possible, for one thing. There is no such thing as living without at least a semblance of moral order - rules: there will always be some things we can do, some things that are legitimate and some things that are prohibited in any human interaction. Far better that the rules be consciously and broadly understood by all parties concerned. But it is our more fundamental problem still that Europeans barely have a moral order or coherent rules to discard - hence the desperate masses are shown again the “only” way that they know and cling to traditional “morals”  - we know what that means - what semblance of moral order that we have is likely to be Kant at best, but most likely Christianity, and continually revisited by the golden rule which wreaks its havoc. Europeans desperately need morals understood as rules - non-obsequious rules, based in the kind of reciprocity and justice that you advise in rationality and accountability.

I have been trying to promote the necessity of a shared moral order as a means to protect the human ecologies of genetic Europeans.  Professor Tullberg, you are consummately suited to help take this to the level of scholarship, serious analysis and the prescription necessary in this dark hour.

Thus, I ask of you for the purpose of our defense as European peoples

- can you offer us some feedback at Majorityrights in regard to this article of yours?

- will you talk to us? Even if to be critical of our approach?

- Will you help us to save Swedish people, Sweden, Europe and European peoples?


(1) Rules are a highly serviceable as they are abstract and fluid cross-contextually, whereas “memes”, as I understand them, can get us bogged down in concreteness too quickly.

Sconesforme,  05-02-2014, 07:03 PM

In the 1975 the Swedish parliament decided that Sweden should become a multicultural, multiracial and multiethnic country. The face of Sweden was changing in 1975 because of immigration from mainly European countries starting from around 1950. In 1950 – Sweden had 50 Muslims and people would turn their heads if they saw a black person on the street. In 2010 Sweden….


Since the 1980s about a million people have immigrated to Sweden. According to Swedish professor of economy, Jan Tullberg, the Swedish immigration policy cost around 250 billion kronor a year which is 25 percent of the entire government budget. Other researchers have mentioned numbers like 50-150 billion kronor. This is apparently a unique situation because no country in history has changed its demographic balance voluntarily and done so in just a few decades. Sweden has currently a higher immigration per capita than United States had in 1880 which lead to the immigration cap set in 1924.



Posted by DanielS on Fri, 27 May 2016 13:47 | #

I’ve done some re-writing on this piece, fixing things that needed to be fixed, shifted one paragraph to another place where it was more coherent. Hence, the piece is better written now and should serve better as it is meant - to act as an overture to a crucial discussion - a discussion that needs to happen between our people. If I have to start it by talking by myself, then so be it; but this is about as important as it gets when it come to matters to be discussed. Therefore, it is to the great shame of anybody who will not participate in this discussion, but especially if they won’t because they have have Hitler, Jeboo in the skye or Jews participating and subverting our discussion as they invariably would.

So, I’m going to sticky this for a little while and will begin to look at some parts of the Tullberg piece that are particularly important to think about and discuss.


Posted by reducing options to: serve or be served on Sat, 28 May 2016 04:11 | #

ZeroHedge, “Your Options: To Serve… Or Be Served”, 27 May 2016:

There are three ways for a person to obtain something of value from another person: receive it as a donation, steal it by force or fraud, or exchange for it. It’s not much of an oversimplification to say that the advance of civilization has hinged on its movement from the first two methods to the third. The right to exchange, and the right to promise as part of a future exchange—the right to contract—are now taken for granted, but those rights are delicate and a whole complex of rights, assumptions, and obligations are subsumed by them. Their intellectual foundations are being undermined as the equality of rights implicit in contract and exchange gives way to a regressive inequality of rights: servitude.


Posted by argument against pathological altruism on Sat, 28 May 2016 08:47 | #

Good article related to these issues by James Lawrence.

Among good points is the hypothesis that one of the reasons why Whites promote anti-racism - a liberal opening and venturing beyond their genetic group boundaries and borders - is NOT because they are altruistic; they really don’t care about non-Whites. It is rather because they are selfish - they don’t want to be responsible to people who are relatively close in relation.


Posted by DanielS on Mon, 30 May 2016 03:38 | #

Until we work out a moral order, viz., a sufficient rule structure of legitimacy, obligation and prohibition among European peoples, we are not well positioned to fight for our interests. We might have a certain advantage in increased unpredictability to our enemies but it is not likely to be of proportional gain compared to the cost to our own side - a lack of cooperation and coordination of justice will likely cost us heavily for the inability to promulgate the reasonableness of looking after our own; of deportation projects; to coordinate the deployment of fighting resources with regard to various threats to our EGI; and to keep the fighting from being against one another Europeans.

Without this moral order, we are not only unprepared to cooperate, we are not particularly ready to fight our enemies.

The working out of a moral order is requisite to fight. It is also important to work out rules of coordination with those Europeans of whom we disagree but with whom of course we’d rather ally for their genetic basis - White Christians, White Muslims, White Nazi idolators, White liberals of various kinds, etc.

It is not true that Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl provided the best platform to set forth the solution to our problems (I can image who would submit such an idea but their motives are apparent).

These people have some logical capacity but as such they are primarily followers of other people’s rule structures - Carolyn ridiculously so, is basically going to follow the rule that “Hitler said it therefore it must be good and true.”

Tanstaafl may have some I.Q. points on her, and while highly articulate, he is only following the closed metaphor. He is more likely to help in solving our problems than Carolyn, but he is not “the one” either.

People like Daniel Antinora, Wallstreet Bob, or Matt Parrott will to try to get behind anybody who bids to resurrect their gods Jesus or Hitler and will try to close ranks against those who place the interests of our race above their gods - gods who have done enough damage and offer little hope for European cooperation and coordination against forces inveighing against our E.G.I. In the case of the Hitler-heads, they can’t seem to meet a minimal requirement of common sense to say that he had somethings right, some things wrong, but that it is not reasonable to elevate the purported champion of one nation - who had been so destructive to other nations and to his own - it is not reasonable to hold him up as a model for all Europeans to rally under. It’s ridiculous. And I can imagine that if I were a German looking to do the right thing by European EGI, to have Hitler upheld would be the last thing that I would want. I.e, we are doing many a German a favor by stating the fact that while we support them unequivocally, that we are not Hitler 2.0.

Nevertheless, the Jesus people and the Hitler people will be difficult to coordinate with because the Jesus people might always take flight from accountability in “the sky” while the Hitler people may always take flight from accountability in “nature” unmediated by praxis.

And then there are of course The Jared Taylors, who say that Jews are huWhite too. That we have friends among them and we are just looking to blame them, scapegoat them and not take responsibility for ourselves.

That’s nonsense and Jared is wrong.

Jews are another people, we classify them as other; they classify themselves as other; they look after their own; and whether particular Jews are helpful to us or not, they are other - it is more than valid for us to exclude them from our interest group and there is more than enough evidence to say that we should. “The nice ones” can take solace in the fact that our ultimate goal is to secure our people, our separate sovereignty, not to destroy them. Though we do see it as necessary, ultimately and practically, given all evidence of patterns, to exclude them from citizenship in our nation.

In fact, our hermeneutic is centered of our own interests and doing what is necessary to reconstruct and foster our systemic human ecologies. That entails that the hermeneutic does survey and recognize the Jews as other, their importantly destructive role as a biological system; Abrahamic religions as alien rule structures misguiding of our peoples; but with a worldview centered on the praxis of our people and engaged interactively in an ongoing surveying process, we are not prone to a myopia of the Jews as our sole concern, nor to the scientisms that might have someone like Jared Taylor blind to the patterned difference of Jews, its overall antagonism to our people despite crypis, verbal flourish - an instantiation of “being on our side” - bonafide intelligence and competence.

I remember the grief that “Silver” gave me for initiating a discussion of how we needed to replace the Golden Rule with the Silver rule. It turns out that there is very good thinking on those lines that that is true. And yet Silver called for my removal. Of course I was right to drive Silver away in the interest of European people. It was right to drive away the grief that Christian Joe and philosemitic Thorn gave me as well. Of course it is necessary to exclude these sorts from MR, who would barrage us with nonsense for not including those who would place the concern for Jesus, Hitler and Jews above our people and our kinds. When it is time to coordinate with those who disagree with our consensus then we might talk to them where they are reasonable, but it is necessary to reach a consensus of our moral order first.


Posted by blacks/arabs more important than women to feminism on Thu, 02 Jun 2016 03:54 | #

But who cares? When it comes to feminists, blacks and Arabs are more important than White women anyway.


Posted by DanielS on Fri, 03 Jun 2016 01:10 | #

Tullberg sets-out discussion of the golden rule in non-Cartesian terms; that is to say, he sets discussion in the realm of the verifiable and will not engage in faith or the sheer authority of a power beyond the empirical world. If we are to make any sense of how this rule is effecting our would-be moral order, of course that is the correct premise. There is no sense in talking nonsense or with those who insist upon it.

What is the recommendation more exactly,  and is it good advice?  The influence on business ethics and company behavior is of special interest.

Those are the issues of this article. The treatment will be a secular analysis taking the Golden Rule seriously. The term “secular” implies not assuming that the rule is justified by the authority of a divine being and therefore above human reason.  The term “seriously” implies that the message is to be seen as a statement of substance that can be judged either right or wrong,  not a metaphorical statement that should be interpreted as a picture whose message is in the eyes of the beholder. A judgment to be supported later in the article holds that the Golden Rule is most influential and has great relevance also for individuals and for organizations in relatively secularized societies.


Posted by THE LOGIC OF THE RULE on Sat, 04 Jun 2016 08:54 | #


        One reason for the popularity of the rule is that it is partly misunderstood. At first glance,  the rule seems mainly to state that you should yourself act according to rules. This is sometimes called “the self-exception taboo.” From Hobbesian, Kantian and utilitarian perspectives, it is wrong to ordain a rule for others while not for yourself.  A second interpretation is a promotion of empathy. From the perspective of the other,  your behavior is monitored and judged. This also seems to be good advice. A third interpretation is that there is a reciprocal spirit.
        However,  the message becomes much more distinct and quite deviant when it is seen in context. ...


Posted by needed as basis for discussion on Tue, 07 Jun 2016 02:58 | #

A longer quotation is needed as a basis for discussion  and, to increase readability,  the main one is taken from a rather modern edition of St.  Luke whereas the Golden Rule itself is kept in a more classical wording, generally used in ethical discussion. In the modern edition of the Bible, the relevant formulations are: “And as you wish that men would do to you, do so to them” and “So whatever you wish men do to you, do so to them.”


As seen from the larger quote the context of the Golden Rule is an assertive altruistic argumentation for altruistic deeds and altruistic deeds only. The Golden Rule itself might give a reciprocal impression, but that is not in line with the content. The advice is to be altruistic and act according to the egoistic demands of the other.  A very unbalanced relation is suggested with a clear disadvantage for the agent.


Posted by formula of reciprocity on Tue, 07 Jun 2016 23:21 | #

The general formula of reciprocity is that the Person A makes a first “move” (Deed 1), with a cost to herself (denoted C1A) and a utility for Person B (U1B). Person B performs a second move (Deed 2), which implies a cost for him of C2B and a benefit for Person A of U2A.  Taken together,  the two deeds are not supposed to give a zero sum, but a synergy that produces a net benefit for both. A qualification for a successful cooperation is that U2A – C1A> 0 and that U1B – C2B> 0. A successful cooperation can be expected to generate new similar interactions producing net benefits. If Person B fails to perform the reciprocal Deed 2, it is unlikely that Person A will perform another deed with a cost to herself and a benefit for B. However, altruistic ethics will encourage A to continue giving even if receiving nothing in return. Jesus is a proponent of altruism and he argues in a way that is most interesting to dwell upon.


Posted by Moed Kattan on Tue, 13 Dec 2016 13:40 | #

Moed Kattan 17a. If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.


Posted by Dōgen on Sun, 18 Dec 2016 05:11 | #


To learn Buddism is to know yourself

To know yourself is to forget yourself

To forget yourself is to identify yourself with the law of the universe – one with the universe

To be one with the universe is to “drop” the notion that you are one with the universe

Along with the body and mind of yourself and others – Dōgen



Posted by What could possibly go wrong? on Wed, 01 Mar 2017 12:28 | #

“What could possibly go wrong?”

Caption supplied by our Asian correspondent, Kumiko. Image found by her as well, but I couldn’t resist putting it here because, well, it goes with this post - DanielS


Posted by Oliver on the JQ: The Summing Up on Wed, 25 Oct 2017 20:37 | #

Oliver on the Jewish Plague: The Summing Up:

In which we sum up what we learned from Revilo Oliver on the Jewish Question; and offer suggestions for further learning on the subject

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 21, 2017

OVER THE PAST ten weeks in our series “The Jewish Plague,” we have been presenting the wisdom of Professor Revilo P. Oliver on the Jewish Question — the most crucial question of our time, our answer to which will determine not only the death or survival of our potentially immortal race, but the future course of all life in this Universe.

On today’s program I would like to summarize, point-by-point and in direct and simple language, the knowledge we have acquired from Dr. Oliver, along with suggestions for further reading and learning.

• The Jews are a highly intelligent, organized, and capable people, who have managed over some 2,500 years to raise themselves up from one of many primitive Semitic tribes into the most dominant race on this planet.

• They have achieved this dominance despite their small population: Jews worldwide constitute a mere 0.2 per cent. of the world’s population, around 14 million, notably smaller than the total population of metropolitan Sao Paulo, or New York City, or Mexico City alone. They have achieved their dominance, therefore, by means of their solidarity and their mental powers and not by physical means such as open conquest.

• These means of dominance include deception (lies; publication of false news; propaganda inserted in literary and artistic works; creation of subversive cults, religions, and political movements; control of the academic and critical establishments; advertising), financial trickery (fraud; usury; fractional reserve banking; stock market manipulation; currency manipulation; and innumerable other swindles in which the White victims are usually unaware they are even being victimized while a huge percentage of their wealth is continuously transferred to Jews), and covert control of the political process (the use of their unearned wealth to corrupt politicians, legislatures, and judges and therefore guarantee that laws will be written, enforced, and interpreted in ways that favor Jewish interests).

• The Jewish power structure is, to put it bluntly, opposed to the continued existence of our race and is using its considerable power, on many fronts simultaneously, to exterminate us, mongrelize us, and generally replace us with more tractable and less intelligent races.

• White men and women who have become aware of the fact that the Jewish power structure is making war upon us, who understand that it is our main adversary and poses an immediate threat to our survival, an existential threat as great as any we have ever faced in history, are often hampered by their understandable emotional reactions — when cool, objective analysis is what is really required.

• Even more astounding than the mental qualities that facilitate Jewish manipulation of other peoples is their near-perfect solidarity, reminding us of the organization of social insects such as ants and bees. It is extremely difficult to find examples of Jews who have betrayed their race; in this quality Jews are very nearly the opposite of Whites, whose social organization and solidarity are relatively weak.

• These Jewish characteristics and behaviors are of long standing, and were known in Classical times, so theories that blame Jewish hostility and depredations on the conversion of some Khazars to Judaism in more recent times are clearly wrong, regardless of whether or not some Khazar genes entered the Jewish gene pool 1,300 years ago. (Usually, belief in the Khazar hypothesis is not based on any inherent merit in it, but instead on the fact that it allows the believer to continue to accept the Jewish bible as “holy,” to believe that the Jews are truly “God’s chosen people” as the “good book” says, and to believe that today’s manifestly evil and malevolent Jews are really Khazar impostors and not Jews at all. In other words, the Khazar hypothesis is a crutch to support an otherwise insupportable belief in Christianity.)

• The Jews’ hatred of non-Jews, and some of their techniques for subverting nations, are openly displayed in the Jews’ own writings, including the books that Christians call the “Old Testament.” The commands of Yahweh to massacre and enslave other peoples, and even sexually enslave their children, are clear; as are the descriptions of Jewish infiltration of and influence over the ruling class of other nations, and economic manipulations that left Jews wealthy and their host peoples impoverished. Expulsions of the Jews by angry Gentiles are also discussed in the Old Testament, though with less honesty.

• A race which exists by exploiting its hosts in this manner must have a mentality far different from our own and must see reality very differently than we do, despite the fact that through mixing and mimicry it somewhat resembles our own race. It is only reasonable to describe such a race as parasitic.

For more information on the parasite/host analogy to the Jewish Question, see my radio series “It’s All Biological,” part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4, in which I state:

  Our race, the White race, evolved in the harsh environment — the forests, plains, mountains, and wide-open spaces — of Europe and environs over long ages, including centuries of intense cold in which intelligent planning was absolutely necessary to survive the winter. In the last few dozen thousands of years, we evolved in relatively fixed dwelling places that eventually came be called “countries,” attached to particular pieces of land, on a continent of very low population density in which the main enemies were the elements and other warlike tribes. High abstract intelligence and high-trust societies were prominent among the biological, evolutionary results. The primary skills of conflict were the martial virtues: One’s enemies were warring tribes who attacked openly, sword in hand.

  The Jews, on the other hand, are a largely Semitic and largely nomadic hybrid race of much more recent appearance that emerged in the relatively heavily populated, multiracial, multicultural, and polyglot Middle East, where the climate was much milder and the main problem — for the Jews, at least — was surviving and prospering as a small, stateless group in territories ruled by others. High verbal intelligence and a concealed dual moral code — one for dealing with fellow Jews, another for dealing with the non-Jews in whose societies they lived — were the prominent biological, evolutionary results. Their primary skills of conflict were negotiation, diplomacy, pretense, duplicity, mimicry, and “reading” the psychology of their enemies — who were very seldom sword-wielding invading armies, but rather were the omnipresent non-Jewish peasants and warriors and priests and tradesmen and rulers among whom they lived — and off of whom they fed.

  The European race evolved into a mode of life that involved living off the land, as did many other races and peoples. The Jews, on the other hand, evolved into a mode of life that involved living off those who lived off the land.

  There is a name for the relationship between Jews and people like us. That name is parasitism. . . .

  I believe that our European nomadic instinct, to the extent that we still have one, has evolved into what Dr. William Pierce called the Faustian urge: the urge to find new lands (and also new frontiers of knowledge), to always seek out the distant horizon, to explore and discover unknown territory, to escape the old and the ossified and restrictive, and found new nations — preferably where no man has set foot before.

  How different the behavior of the Jews! They founded no nations — despite the largely mythical “land of Israel” stories in their Torah — and their endless wanderings are never into new frontiers, where unknown fields and forests and mountains beckon. No indeed! What beckons to the wandering Jews is a group of fresh victims, not yet wise to the ways of the parasite.

• Jews seem to have an instinct for discovering and exacerbating any and all rivalries, disputes, real or alleged injustices, and class divisions in their host societies, magnifying them to the point of utter disunity and even civil war, which process naturally increases the relative power and dominance of Jews.

One of the best expositions on the Jewish mentality is Andrew Hamilton’s “Empathy Without Sympathy,” in which the author states:

  Jews have many unique psychological characteristics that render them radically unlike non-Jews. One quality Jews possess in one-on-one situations, and even group situations, is a keen sensitivity to the subtleties, nuances, desires, thoughts, and emotions of non-Jews. They can size up people of all races and interact with them extremely well. This is no doubt one reason for their prominent role as mediators and go-betweens.

  When they desire to do so, Jews deal with all kinds of people, high and low, rich and poor, of every race, even the prickliest and most difficult personalities, with diplomacy, delicacy, and tact, patiently subordinating and concealing their own thoughts and feelings in the process.

• The German National Socialists temporarily threw off Jewish domination and established a government free of Jewish supervision between 1933 and 1945, an event which apparently frightened and shocked the Jewish leadership and caused them to change their strategy from one of merely exploiting and ruling Whites to one of actively working for our extermination.

• There is no doubt that Christianity was originally created by and for Jews, and it was Jews who made the decision to open certain early Christian sects to non-Jews — sects that eventually came to dominate European civilization. Christianity teaches Whites that God is Jewish and that Jews are an especially “holy” people, thus sundering Whites from their own spiritual heritage and rendering them psychologically unable to fight against the Jews who are exploiting, ruining, and exterminating them.

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