We Told You So: Trump Panders to Israel

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With his address to AIPAC, Trump lost the characteristic equivocalness in his manner of speaking: he brought-out his trump card - unequivocal pandering to Israel ..as we knew he would.

From his talks to “the international press” regarding Jewish concerns prior to his speech and through his speech, he was unequivocal.

1) He was unequivocal in his denunciation of “racism and anti-Semitism.”

2) He was unequivocal in his prioritization for Israel’s security; their borders and identity as a Jewish state for Jewish people.

3) He was unequivocal not only in his denunciation of the Iran deal, but in saying that it must be reversed; and, in asserting that Iran’s nuclear weapon’s program must be stopped, he intimated that he is not averse to Israel’s coveted hawkish solution to dealings with Iran.

4) His unequivocal closer - for those familiar with salesmanship, the closing line of a pitch must “close” (confirm) the deal: Trump proudly asserted that he was “about to become a grandfather of a Jewish child.” Asserting his blood-ties in commitment to Jewish interests.

White Nationalists may be correct that he is the best option in buying them some time. At least he makes noises as if he is going to do something about closing U.S. borders and that he would sympathize with closing the borders of Europe as well.

But toward that end, we are having to take the word of a man who brags about his negotiating skills following these avowals to Israel and Jewish interests.

AIPAC might cooperate to some extent with our domestic issues, including our security, OUR WHITE BORDERS FOR OUR WHITE PEOPLES - U.S., Europe and elsewhere - but only to the extent that coincides with Israeli and Jewish interests more broadly; and to the extent that Trump’s and other regimes would (very incorrectly) treat Jews as if they are White; a specially protected White minority among our lands.

That is a highly suspect deal.

And in exchange for that deal come an array of foreign policies - our side, opponent side distinctions - even more suspect.

About the only consolation to be offered to those who favor Trump in the interest of European peoples is that at least in what she speaks and intends, viz. in her antagonism of Whites, Hillary is even worse. Her rhetoric is even more out of the liberal, P.C., anti-White mold: her disregard for White boundaries more brazen, her commitment to Israel as “rock solid, unwavering, enduring and forever” as ever (as emphatic, in fact), and her war-hawkishness even more flagrant. Every bit as much as Trump shored-up his pro-Israel, pro-Jewish-line..

Hillary shored-up her Neo-Con Credentials.

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I haven’t been able to find one yet, but if I can, I’ll put up clip of a news talk show that I saw years ago, in which William Kristol went into a fret to near panic when another commentator separated Jews and Israel from the rubric of “White” when speaking in its term.


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Donald Trump’s full AIPAC speech


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Hillary Clinton’s full AIPAC speech


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TNO, “Trump Gives in to Jewish Lobby”, 22 March 2016:

The Jewish lobby in America demonstrated its control of the political process when Donald Trump retreated from all his previous policy positions on Israel during his speech to AIPAC on March 21.

Trump’s speech—written especially for him by “friends in Israel”—included dropping his “neutrality” stance, his acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his decision to once again oppose the “nuclear” deal with Iran.

Trump’s retreat on all these policy positions have now cleared the way for the right wing Jewish lobby to coalesce behind his nomination bid.

The left wing Jewish lobby, however, remains one of his many implacable enemies, along with most of the controlled media, regardless of his opportunistic flip-flopping on Israel.

According to the Times of Israel, Trump named his son-in-law, New York property developer Jared Kushner, as the “chief adviser” in preparing his address to the AIPAC conference.

When asked who helped him write the speech, Trump answered: “My son-in-law Jared,” referring to the husband of his daughter Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner.

“He’s here. He’s coming to AIPAC,” Trump said. “Jared spoke to many of his friends from Israel and we put it together with a lot of great people.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) gleefully reported on Trump’s retreat before the AIPAC crowd—which numbered some 15,000 and included an incredible two-thirds of US Congressmen—by announcing that “Trump abandons talk of Israel neutrality, wins cheers from AIPAC crowd.”

The JTA said that in his speech, Trump had “softened two positions that have created unease among pro-Israel activists — his insistence on remaining ‘neutral’ in brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace and his refusal to commit to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

On Jerusalem, Trump vowed to move the American embassy to the city, “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.” And he said the Palestinians must accept as a given the closeness of the US–Israel relationship.

“The Palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the United States and Israel is absolutely unbreakable,” Trump said. “They must come to the table willing to accept that Israel is a Jewish state and it will exist forever as a Jewish state.”

(Needless to say, Trump—or any politician beholden to the Jewish lobby—would never dare say that any other nation has a right to maintain its exclusive ethnic identity. Even suggesting that any other nation should stop illegal immigration—while allowing legal immigration—immediately attracts the Jewish lobby’s hate, as Trump has found out.)

READ White Americans Remain “Shockingly European” Despite Decades of Race-Mixing Propaganda, New DNA Study Reveals

The JTA report then went on to say that Trump “delivered broadsides against his likely rival in the general election, Hillary Clinton, calling her a ‘total disaster’ and blaming her for last year’s Iran nuclear deal,” a line, the JTA said, which earned him “laughter and applause.”

There was no sign of the threatened left wing lobby protests against Trump, probably because AIPAC generally represents the more “right wing” of the Jewish lobby in both America and Israel, where it is closely aligned with Netanyahu’s Likud party.

This was shown most clearly when Trump drew his largest applause for his sentence “With President Obama, in his final year — yay!”

The AIPAC Jewish lobby led opposition to the Iran “nuclear deal” and clashed repeatedly with the Obama administration over this matter, which they interpreted as being somehow proof that Obama was anti-Israel.

The fact that Obama has been slavishly pro-Israel, and that the Iranian “atom bomb” threat never even existed, did not factor in their calculations—because, as Trump has also found out, it is a crime in the Jewish lobby’s eyes even to be neutral with regard to the Jews-only state.

While Trump’s back down on all these major issues came as no surprise to anyone familiar with his made-up-on-the-spot politics, it does serve as an instructive lesson on just how much power the Jewish lobby has over American politics.

In addition, it has demonstrated conclusively that anyone expecting any change in a Trump presidency with regard to Israel’s parasitic relationship with the US, will be sorely disappointed.


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Business Insider, Wolf Blitzer grills Donald Trump: Why are white supremacists supporting you?, 21 March 2016:

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer grilled Donald Trump on Monday over the Republican presidential frontrunner’s support from white-supremacist groups.

“Why do you think these various white-supremacist groups are supporting your campaign?” Blitzer asked.

After Trump said that he didn’t know anything about the white-supremacist groups that have backed his candidacy, Blitzer told the real-estate mogul about the Anti-Defamation League’s list of notable white supremacists who have expressed support for Trump, and pressed him to disavow the groups outright.

“I mean, you’re telling me this, but I don’t know why. I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet,” Trump said.

“You condemn them?” Blitzer said. “You don’t want their support?”

“Of course I condemn them. Always, I’ve always condemned them. I don’t want their support, I don’t need their support,” Trump said.

Trump faced massive backlash last month after he initially refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who lent his support to Trump. Democrats and some Republicans, like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, slammed Trump for refusing to immediately denounce Duke.

In a speech in Washington on Monday, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton denounced Trump for supposedly “playing coy” with white supremacists. She also slammed his proposal to deport the less than 11 million immigrants living in the US without permission.

“What Americans are hearing on the campaign trail this year is something else entirely. Encouraging violence. Playing coy with white supremacists. Calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported,” Clinton said.

During his interview with Trump, Blitzer also raised a number of Trump’s recent media firestorms, including his frequent critical tweets about Fox News host Megyn Kelly, violence at his rallies, and an anti-Trump ad showing women reading his past statements about other women’s appearances.



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Netanyahu lords Esther over Congress and Iran

Gilad Atzmon is a liberal, and he panders to right wingers, but he does provide some good insights into Jewish motives, e.g., into Esther and the Purim celebration..

From Purim to AIPAC, Gilad Atzmon

Book of Esther

The Book of Esther is a biblical story that is the basis for the celebration of Purim, probably the most joyous Jewish festival. The book tells the story of an attempted Judeocide but it also tells a story in which Jews manage to change their fate. In the book the Jews do manage to rescue themselves and even to mete revenge.

It is set in the third year of Ahasuerus, and the ruler is a king of Persia usually identified with Xerxes I. It is a story of a palace, conspiracy, an attempted Judeocide and a brave and beautiful Jewish queen (Esther) who manages to save the Jewish people at the very last minute.

In the story, King Ahasuerus is married to Vashti, whom he repudiates after she rejects his offer to ‘visit’ him during a feast. Esther was selected from the candidates to be Ahasuerus’s new wife. As the story progresses, Ahasuerus’s prime minister Haman plots to have the king kill all the Jews without knowing that Esther is actually Jewish. In the story, Esther together with her cousin Mordechai saves the day for their people. At the risk of endangering her own safety, Esther warns Ahasuerus of Haman’s murderous anti-Jewish plot. Haman and his sons are hanged on the fifty cubit gallows he had originally built for cousin Mordecai. As it happens, Mordecai takes Haman’s place, he becomes the prime minister. Ahasuerus’s edict decreeing the murder of the Jews cannot be rescinded, so he issues another edict allowing the Jews to take up arms and kill their enemies, which they do.

The moral of the story is rather clear. If Jews want to survive, they better find infiltrates into the corridors of power. With Esther, Mordechai and Purim in mind, AIPAC and the notion of ‘Jewish power’ looks like an embodiment of a deep Biblical and cultural ideology.

However, here is the interesting twist. Though the story is presented as an historic tale, the historical accuracy of the Book of Esther is largely disputed by most modern Bible Scholars. It is largely the lack of clear corroboration of any of the details of the story of the Book of Esther with what is known of Persian History from classical sources that led scholars to come to a conclusion that the story is mostly or even totally fictional.

In other words, though the moral is clear, the attempted genocide is fictional. Seemingly, the Book of Esther set its followers into a collective Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It makes a fantasy of destruction into an ideology of survival. And indeed, some read the story as an allegory of quintessentially assimilated Jews who discover that they are targets of anti-Semitism, but are also in a position to save themselves and their fellow Jews.

Keeping Bowman in mind may throw some light here. The Book of Esther is there to form the exilic identity. It is there to implant the existential stress, it introduces the Holocaust religion. It sets the conditions that turn the Holocaust into reality.

Interestingly enough, the Book of Esther (in the Hebrew version) is one of only two books of the Bible that do not directly mention God (the other is Song of Songs). In the Book of Esther it is the Jews who believe in themselves, in their own power, in their uniqueness, in their sophistication, in their ability to conspire, in their ability to take over kingdoms, in their ability to save themselves. The Book of Esther is all about empowerment and the Jews who believe in their powers.

From Purim to Birkenau

In an article named “A Purim Lesson: Lobbying Against Genocide, Then and Now”[10], Dr. Rafael Medoff shares with his readers what he regards as the lesson inherited to the Jews by the Book of Esther. If to be more precise, it is the art of lobbying which Esther and Mordechai are there to teach us. “The holiday of Purim” says Medoff, “celebrates the successful effort by prominent Jews in the capitol of ancient Persia to prevent genocide against the Jewish people.” But Medoff doesn’t stop just there. This specific exercise of what some call ‘Jewish power’ has been carried forward and performed by modern emancipated Jews: “What is not well known is that a comparable lobbying effort took place in modern times — in Washington, D.C., at the peak of the Holocaust.”

In the article Medoff explores the similarities between Esther’s lobbying in Persia and her modern brothers lobbying within the FDR’s administration at the pick of WW2. “The Esther in 1940s Washington was Henry Morgenthau Jr.” says Medoff, “a wealthy, assimilated Jew of German descent who (as his son later put it) was anxious to be regarded as ‘one hundred percent American.’ Downplaying his Jewishness, Morgenthau gradually rose from being FDR’s friend and adviser to his Treasury Secretary.”

Clearly, Medoff spotted a modern Mordechai as well, “a young Zionist emissary from Jerusalem, Peter Bergson (real name: Hillel Kook) who led a series of protest campaigns to bring about U.S. rescue of Jews from Hitler. The Bergson group’s newspaper ads and public rallies roused public awareness of the Holocaust — particularly when it organized over 400 rabbis to march to the front gate of the White House just before Yom Kippur in 1943.”

Medoff’s reading of the Book of Esther provides us with a glaring insight into the internal code of Jewish collective survival dynamics in which the assimilated (Esther) and the observant (Mordechai) are joining forces with clear Judeo centric interests in their minds.

According to Medoff the similarities are indeed shocking. “Mordechai’s pressure finally convinced Esther to go to the king; the pressure of Morgenthau’s aides finally convinced him to go to the president, armed with a stinging 18-page report that they titled ‘Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews.’”

Dr. Medoff is rather ready to draw his historical conclusions. “Esther’s lobbying succeeded. Ahasuerus cancelled the genocide decree and executed Haman and his henchmen. Morgenthau’s lobbying also succeeded. A Bergson-initiated Congressional resolution calling for U.S. rescue action quickly passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — enabling Morgenthau to tell FDR that ‘you have either got to move very fast, or the Congress of the United States will do it for you.’ Ten months before election day, the last thing FDR wanted was an embarrassing public scandal over the refugee issue. Within days, Roosevelt did what the Congressional resolution sought — he issued an executive order creating the War Refugee Board, a U.S. government agency to rescue refugees from Hitler.”

It is clear beyond doubt that Medoff sees the Book of Esther as a general guideline for a healthy Jewish future. Medoff ends his paper saying: “the claim that nothing could be done to help Europe’s Jews had been demolished by Jews who shook off their fears and spoke up for their people — in ancient Persia and in modern Washington.” In other words, Jews can do and should do for themselves. This is indeed the moral of the Book of Esther as well as the Holocaust religion.

What Jews should do for themselves is indeed an open question. Different Jews have different ideas. The Neocon believes in dragging America and the West into an endless war against Islam. Emmanuel Levinas, on the contrary, believes that Jews should actually position themselves at the forefront of the struggle against oppression and injustice. Indeed, Jewish empowerment is just one answer among many. Yet, it is a very powerful not to say a dangerous one. It is especially dangerous when the American Jewish Committee (AJC) acts as a modern-day Mordechai and publicly engages in an extensive lobbying effort for a war against Iran.

When analysing the work and influence of AIPAC within American politics it is the Book of Esther that we should bear in mind. AIPAC is more than a mere political lobby. AIPAC is a modern-day Mordechai, the AJC is modern-day Mordechai. Both AIPAC and AJC are inherently in line with the Hebrew Biblical school of thought. However, while the Mordechais are relatively easy to spot, the Esthers, those who act for Israel behind the scenes, are slightly more difficult to trace.

I believe that once we learn to look at Israeli lobbying in the parameters that are drawn by the Book of Esther/Holocaust-religion, we are then entitled to regard Ahmadinejad as the current Haman/Hitler figure. The AJC is Mordechai, Bush is obviously Ahasuerus, yet Esther can be almost anyone, from the last Necon to Cheney and beyond.

Brenner and Prinz

In the opening paragraph of this essay I ask what Jewishness stands for. Though I accept the complexity of the notion of Jewishness, I tend to additionally accept Leibowitz’s contribution to the subject: Holocaust is the new Jewish religion. However, within the paper I took the liberty of extending the notion of the Holocaust. Rather than referring merely to the Shoah, i.e., the Nazi Judeocide, I argue here that the Holocaust is actually engraved within the Jewish discourse and spirit. The Holocaust is the essence of the collective Jewish Pre-Traumatic stress disorder and it predates the Shoah. To be a Jew is to see the ‘other’ as a threat rather than as a brother. To be a Jew is to be on a constant alert. To be a Jew is to internalise the message of the Book of Esther. It is to aim towards the most influential junctions of hegemony. To be a Jew is to collaborate with power.

The American Marxist historian Lenni Brenner is fascinated by the collaboration between Zionists and Nazism. In his book Zionism In The Age of Dictators he presents an extract from Rabbi Joachim Prinz’s book published in 1937 after Rabbi Prinz left Germany for America.

“Everyone in Germany knew that only the Zionists could responsibly represent the Jews in dealings with the Nazi government. We all felt sure that one day the government would arrange a round table conference with the Jews, at which ­ after the riots and atrocities of the revolution had passed ­ the new status of German Jewry could be considered. The government announced very solemnly that there was no country in the world which tried to solve the Jewish problem as seriously as did Germany. Solution of the Jewish question? It was our Zionist dream! We never denied the existence of the Jewish question! Dissimilation? It was our own appeal! ... In a statement notable for its pride and dignity, we called for a conference.” [11]

Brenner then brings in extracts from a Memorandum that was sent to the Nazi Party by the German Zionist ZVfD on 21 June 1933:

  “Zionism has no illusions about the difficulty of the Jewish condition, which consists above all in an abnormal occupational pattern and in the fault of an intellectual and moral posture not rooted in one’s own tradition ... On the foundation of the new state, which has established the principle of race, we wish so to fit our community into the total structure so that for us too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible. ... Our acknowledgement of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group ... We believe in the possibility of an honest relationship of loyalty between a group-conscious Jewry and the German state ... “[12]

Brenner doesn’t approve either of Prinz’s take nor the Zionist initiative. Filled with loathing he says, “This document, a treason to the Jews of Germany, was written in standard Zionist cliches: ‘abnormal occupational pattern’, ‘rootless intellectuals greatly in need of moral regeneration’, etc. In it the German Zionists offered calculated collaboration between Zionism and Nazism, hallowed by the goal of a Jewish state: we shall wage no battle against thee, only against those that would resist thee.”

Brenner fails to see the obvious. Rabbi Prinz and the ZVfD were not traitors, they were actually genuine Jews. They followed their very Jewish cultural code. They followed the Book of Esther, they took the role of Mordechai. They tried to find a way to collaborate with what they correctly identified as a prominent emerging power. In 1969, Rabbi Prinz confessed that ever “since the assassination of Walther Rathenau in 1922, there was no doubt in our minds that the German development would be toward an anti-Semitic totalitarian regime. When Hitler began to arouse, and as he put it ‘awaken’ the German nation to racial consciousness and racial superiority, we had no doubt that this man would sooner or later become the leader of the German nation.”[13]

Whether Brenner or anyone else likes it or not, Rabbi Prinz proves to be an authentic Jewish leader. He proves to possess some highly developed survival radar mechanism that fit perfectly well with the exilic ideology. In 1981 Lenni Brenner interviewed Rabbi Prinz. Here is what he had to say about the collaborator Rabbi:

  “(Prinz) dramatically evolved in the 44 years since he was expelled from Germany. He told me, off tape, that he soon realized that nothing he said there made sense in the US. He became an American liberal. Eventually, as head of the American Jewish Congress, he was asked to march with Martin Luther King and he did so.”

Once again, Brenner fails to see the obvious. Prinz didn’t change at all. Prinz didn’t evolve in those 44 years. He was and remained a genuine authentic Jew, and an extremely clever one. A man who internalised the essence of Jewish émigré philosophy: In Germany be a German, and in America be American. Be flexible, fit in and adopt relativistic ethical thinking. Prinz, being a devoted follower of Mordechai, realised that whatever is good for the Jews is simply good.

I went back and listened to the invaluable Brenner interviews with Rabbi Prinz that are now available on line[14]. I was rather shocked to find out that actually Prinz presents his position eloquently. It is Prinz rather than Brenner who provides us a glimpse into Jewish ideology and its interaction with the surrounding reality. It is Prinz rather than Brenner who happens to understand the German volk and their aspirations. Prinz presents his past moves as a proud Jew. From his point of view, collaborating with Hitler was indeed the right thing to do. He was following Mordechai, he was probably searching for an Esther to come. Thus, it is only natural that Rabbi Prinz later became the President of the Jewish American Congress. He became a prominent American leader In spite of his ‘collaboration with Hitler’. Simply because of the obvious reason: from a Jewish ideological point of view, he did the right thing.


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Watch Senator Cory Booker Party on Purim at Oxford’s Chabad in the Early ’90sAs a Rhodes Scholar, Booker, the Senate’s most Jewish non-Jew, was captured on tape celebrating the Jewish holiday at the campus’s Chabad House.


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Ever since the Kennedy/Nixon debate, a trend has been set where there is a tough choice between two presidential candidates, the one with the lowest hairline will win.

Kennedy, winning by hair over Nixon

Setting a trend for generations of U.S. Presidents to come, only interrupted by Lucian Sarti and a few exceptions.

Covering-up Lucian Sarti’s hair-do - “the dumb-dumb”

Lucian Sarti

Temporarily staving off the trend, Johnson did, by passing the Civil Rights Act, the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 and The Rumsford Fair Housing Act (can’t discriminate regarding who you rent or sell property to, bald or otherwise); and by drafting long-haired hippies to their death in Vietnam. Gerald Ford (in color circle) contributed to this valiant effort to cover-up the trend by visiting Jack Ruby in jail to tell him his family would be alright if he’d just shut up and go along with the Warren Report. Bald Ford was rewarded by being installed as President after Nixon resigned - after the widow-peaked Nixon bailed out of his service to anti-hair - bailed-out of the very Presidency that he had been awarded for sending long-haired pretenders to their rightful death.

Nixon tried to co-opt Elvis in an attempt to fend-off the Beatles, to no avail. Ford would be installed for compliance to the Warren Court.

Enough was enough and Jimmy Carter stepped-in to set the hairline back on course.

Not to be outdone, the old nemesis of hippie protests, Ronald Reagan, got the neo-con hairsimilation rolling and ousted Carter.

For the massive popularity and momentum of the Reagan terms, Bush senior got swept in for one, but only one term because his hair line was much too high.

Standing proud and with grim determination, the upstart Bill Clinton was able to overcome a myriad of character issues by dint of his hair, standing down Bush senior and going on to be elected twice.

Having learned from his father’s mistake and Reagan’s success, Bush junior augmented the trend with Wolfowitz’ comely advice, kept it coming down, which even facilitated this dolt to eke-in for two administrations.

That was despite Kerry’s best efforts, hair, concealing his Jewishness with a fake Irish name, you name it.

Obama’s hair was sufficient to overcome whatever good advice that he might have been given.

Honorable mention, John-John Kennedy: Look at that crop! So damn good looking! He should have been President! If only his campaign aspirations had not taken a nose dive into the sea.

No worry, the definitive man-hair arrived to thwart Wolfowitz’ attempt to install another long forehead Bush neo-con.

You can’t Trump that hairline - he will win!

Presidential hair has gotten closer and closer to the eyebrows, which will shortly be overtaken:


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Hilary Clinton insists that Whites must humble - humiliate - themselves before Negroes.


Posted by Farrakhan: "Hillary a wicked woman" on Sun, 17 Apr 2016 11:14 | #

Farrakhan: “Hillary a wicked woman”.


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Trump’s campaign dispatch to New York

This is what the Republicans arm of the Jewish/Obectivist Beast ALWAYS does.

First the Democratic hand of Jews and their Shabbos Goy impose integration with blacks and mulattoes.

Then the Republican hand of the Jews and their Shabbos Goy proceed as if only weak people and losers, effeminate men, are put off by that. They will pay-off (or make predatory loans-to) those White men willing to sell-out to the Repugs. The Republicans do the macho “real man” thing, imperviously denying and wall-papering over racial classifications and class differences, saying WE are America, We are strong and We are going to make America great again.

I guess there might be a period of gentrification.

                          - DanielS


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TNO, “Adelson: Trump Good for Israel” 8 May 2016:

Arch Republican Party Jewish manipulator Sheldon Adelson has finally announced that he supports Donald Trump—only because he is “good for Israel.”

The endorsement reveals the single-loyalty nature of the Jewish lobby which is exclusively motivated by Jewish interests—and nothing else.


Adelson said he will back Donald Trump now that Trump has locked up the Republican Party’s presidential nomination—even though his newspaper in Israel, the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom effectively endorsed Trump in March.

“I think that Donald Trump will be good for Israel,” Adelson told the BBC this week when attending a gala in New York for the World Values Network.

Adelson did not say if he would be helping to fund the Trump campaign, which is expected to cost billions of dollars in a major clash with Hilary Clinton later this year.

Adelson, who donated more than $90 million to federal political races in 2012, is among the Republican Party’s most heavily courted contributors, and every would-be Republican candidate—except Trump—went to his Las Vegas offices with their begging bowls out earlier in the primary campaign.

In contrast to the 2012 race, when he spent heavily to boost Newt Gingrich’s unsuccessful primary bid and then gave generously to nominee Mitt Romney, Adelson had until now remained almost neutral in the 2016 nomination battle.

The question of whether Trump would be “good for Israel” surfaced in December, when Trump, addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition—another major Adelson beneficiary—said he would not pander to the group or ask for its members’ money.

He also said he would remain neutral on Israeli-Palestinian talks and would not before being elected say whether he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump has since reversed his stance on all those positions, most recently in his appearance at the Jewish lobby’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting.

This reversal has only ameliorated some of the major “right wing” Republican Party Jews, all of whom initially opposed the Trump candidacy.

A “running tally” of where “Jewish conservatives” stand with regard to Trump was recently published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

According to the JTA, Trump has been endorsed by:

Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for President George W. Bush: “There’s a lot about Donald Trump that I don’t like, but I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary any day,” he said on Twitter.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y.: “He is by far a much better candidate for president than Hillary Clinton,” he told the New York Jewish Week.

Jeff Ballabon, head of a strategic communications firm: “We’re on the Trump train because we know where Hillary Clinton wants to go. She is committed to continuing, enshrining, and accelerating the destruction of the past eight years,” he wrote, with Bruce Abramson, on the CNBC website.

Sid Dinerstein, former chairman of the Palm Beach, Fla., Republican Party: “A 35 point victory is a statement rocking the world: Donald will be the Republican nominee and then he’ll do to Hillary what he did to the Republicans—take no prisoners,” he wrote on Newsmax after Trump’s New York primary vote.

The number of “right wing” Republican Party Jews opposing Trump is still however higher. According to the JTA, they include:

Norm Coleman, former US Senator from Minnesota: “Not voting Trump or Clinton,” he said in an email.

Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard and the Emergency Committee for Israel: “I feel like we should do better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I suspect the Lord would reward us if we try hard to find a better president for the country than those two people,” he said May 5, on WMAL, a Washington DC-area talk radio station.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post columnist: “There have been and will continue to be efforts to find an alternative candidate to Trump and Clinton,” she wrote on May 3, the day after Trump clinched the presumptive nomination. “Honorable men and women who find Trumpism repugnant and are willing to step into the fray should be commended regardless of the election’s outcome. They will have a ready answer to the question: What did you do to stop Trump?”

Noam Neusner, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush: “Not Trump, not Hillary,” he said in an email.

Seth Mandel, New York Post Op-Ed page editor.

Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations fellow, foreign policy adviser to John McCain’s presidential run in 2008: “I’m literally losing sleep over Donald Trump,” he told Vox. Hillary Clinton “would be vastly preferable to Trump.”

Bethany Mandel, blogger, contributor to NY Post, The Federalist, and The New York Observer: “I would be open to voting third party if there’s a decent choice, or not voting if there’s no,” Mandel told JTA. “If New Jersey is close (where I’m registered) I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat.”

Robert Kagan, Brookings Institution fellow and foreign policy adviser to John McCain’s presidential run in 2008: “For this former Republican, and perhaps for others, the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton. The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be,” he wrote in the Washington Post.

Joshua Muravchik, neoconservative thinker, author of Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned against Israel: “I’m voting for Hillary” if she wins the Democratic nomination, he told JTA. “I am very skeptical of her. But Trump has degraded American politics in a way unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I can’t say enough bad things about him. His ignorance is staggering and his personality is revolting.”

Paul Singer, hedge fund manager, backed Marco Rubio and major anti-Trump SuperPAC: Back in March, Singer helped arrange an anti-Trump advertising campaign in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Wisconsin, and other states.

Eric Cantor, former majority leader in the US House of Representatives, backed Jeb Bush: Cantor, who backed Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination, told CNBC May 3 that he had underestimated Trump, but did not volunteer where he now stood. “I’ve sat it out until now, and I will see.”


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Lee John Barnes ‏@LeeJohnBarnes 15m15 minutes ago

Donald Trump outed as a zero tax paying Welfare Benefit recipient, as his tax returns reveal he has no income


Posted by America is Israel's Bitch and so is.. on Wed, 01 Jun 2016 15:45 | #


Posted by We're gonna vote the bums out on Thu, 02 Jun 2016 13:34 | #

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