Maplewood, New Jersey

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Maplewood, lower left, highlighted in red. It is manifesting “hoodie” sprawl amidst what was exclusively middle and upper class White suburbia - e.g., Short Hills and the west side of Montclair, along the Watchung Mountains - White areas uncomfortably juxtaposed to what would be shockingly black areas for those unprepared for the transformation that encroaches: Newark, Irvington and East Orange have been predominantly black since the riots of the 1960’s.



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Springfield Ave. in Irvington, New Jersey, a predominantly black city adjacent to Maplewood.


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I don’t see how certain cities would NOT make the list - cities like Camden, Linden and East Orange - but these are just statistics and from a particular year (2013). Nevertheless, these cities are assuredly unpleasant; I can speak from first hand experience in all cases except for Woodbury and Lindenwold., “These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In New Jersey”

This data shows which places in the Garden State aren’t all roses and safety.

A mural vestige remaining from better days in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

New Jersey is home to some of the most affluent and safest places in the country. In fact, it’s the 12th safest state in the nation. But, like all things, there are two sides to this coin, and where there are safe places, there are also some dangerous places. Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog it’s our job to show you both. We’ve seen the safest, and now, let’s take a look at the 10 most dangerous places in New Jersey:

1. City of Asbury Park
2. City of Atlantic City
3. City of Newark
4. City of Bridgeton
5. Township of Irvington
6. City of Woodbury
7. City of Trenton
8. City of Orange
9. City of Paterson
10. Borough of Lindenwold

If you’re surprised by this order, just keep reading. We’ll go over our methodology in the next section, and then we’ll take a more detailed look at each of these 10 most dangerous places in New Jersey.
Our Methodology

When we create a Big Deal List like this one, we know how important it is to rely solely on facts and figures rather than any biased opinions we might have, so in making this list, we went straight to the experts: the FBI. We used their 2013 Uniform Crime Report to look at all of the places in New Jersey with populations of 10,000 people or more according to these criteria:

  Vehicle theft

We divided these crimes into four categories:

  Violent crimes
  Property crimes
  Total crimes



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Carolyn Yeager is not a particularly original thinker, but rather follows loyalty to Germans/Germany ad nauseum, absurdly, to the point of chauvinism, to where even Nazi Germany could scarcely do anything wrong; but when she turns critical attention to matters other than WWII and Europe, notably the Jewish community in the US, she can come up with some useful stories: as she has in the instance of Orthodox Jewry’s shenanigans in Lakewood, New Jersey.

She’s done a series of articles on Lakewood. While there are a number of very Jewish cities in New Jersey, such as Highland Park, West Orange, Livingston, and Deal…. Lakewood, where an Orthodox community has amassed - like all of these Orthodox diaspora communities - is like a min-ethno state; moreover, under scrutiny for welfare fraud. There is one example among this community of a couple taking benefits despite having millions of dollars of income. It is not the first story of this kind - Orthodox Jewish communities of New York state have come under investigation for this sort of thing in the past. While the black siphoning of European American resource is rather obvious, it is excellent to have vigilance remain on these antics among American Jewry.

New Jersey authorities expose ‘Special Treatment for Jews’ in welfare fraud investigation, by Carolyn Yeager

AS I SAID IN MY PREVIOUS POST, “Stop Special Treatment for Jews”, examples of Jewish special privilege are easy to find.  They are ubiquitous. And indeed, an excellent example appeared immediately after I posted that article. I mentioned it in the comments, and now am giving it fuller treatment - special treatment, if you will.

The following are quotes from two news articles by New Jersey 101.5 about the reaction of the good citizens of Lakewood, NJ to the news of the fraudulent activity, which many have been aware of all along. The quoted material is indented; my comments are not.

June 28, 2017, by Adam Hochron

LAKEWOOD – They were warned.

Two years ago, before state and federal authorities arrested 14 people this week on charges of scamming welfare benefits, prosecutors held a public meeting to warn township residents about avoiding this type of crime.

Three more couples arrested on Tuesday, June 27, two of whom had earned millions of dollars in annual income as of 2014.

Some frightening facts I missed about the explosive growth of the ultra-Orthodox community surrounding the Kotler Yeshiva in Lakewood, Published by Carolyn Yeager on Fri, 2017-07-21 23:16

Yeshiva students fill the sidewalk as they walk toward another day of Torah/Talmud study in Lakewood, New Jersey. Credit Laura Pedrick for The New York Times

  “What we require is simple: that we control everything necessary for our own good.” … the Jewish philosopher Spinoza

In 2013, Tablet, a daily online magazine of Jewish news and culture, published an article in praise and recognition of the rapidly expanding Orthdox community in Lakewood, New Jersey. Written by David Landes (naturally a Jew) from a Jewish point of view that growth is good, there was no mention of the dissatisfaction and displacement of the established Goy population of Lakewood. The thrust of the article is ‘What is good for the Jews is good’, period. The only criticism mentioned was coming from “the more hardline Israeli Haredis” who have an even more “uncompromising stance” toward the larger society in which they live.

The following is what I culled from Landes’ article.

Rabbi Aharon Kotler, founder of the Beth Medrash Govoha (BMG) yeshiva in Lakewood, N.J., believed that the sole purpose of Jews on this planet was to observe the commandments, and above all, to study Torah. Kotler’s bold idea was to establish a yeshiva for adult men on the model of the elite Lithuanian yeshivas (from whence he emigrated to the U.S. In 1943), where Talmud would be studied day and night for its own sake, without any ulterior career motivations or concerns for social advancement.

Students in Kotler’s yeshiva would not be allowed to attend college at night. An even more radical idea of his was that even after marriage, young men should receive community support to continue their life of study.

“Community support” morphs into government support in America, where that is possible because of the tax-free status given to religious institutions. The whole scandal revolves around how these able-bodied orthodox Jewish men manage to get the non-Jewish taxpayer to support their religious lifestyle via government programs available ostensibly only to “the needy.” Even though what they’re doing is fully their own choice, not a need, they can qualify as ‘needy.’ Is this the fault of our government’s design of its programs or their manipulation by the Jews?

Lakewood, New Jersey rabbis face prison in kidnapping conspiracy conviction, by Carolyn

Rabbi Mendel Epstein, left, arrives for his trial at federal court in Trenton, N.J., on Feb. 18, 2015. (Mel Evans/AP)

RABBI MENDEL EPSTEIN, ALONG WITH RABBIS JAY GOLDSTEIN AND BINYAMIN STIMLER, this week lost their appeal in which they argued they were engaged in their religious practice when they plotted to kidnap and torture their Jewish client’s husband. From the Washington Post’s July 19 story:

The holy man’s words were blunt, the subtlety and pretext all peeled off. “What we are going to be doing is kidnapping a guy for a couple of hours and beating him up and torturing him and then getting him to give you the get,” Rabbi Mendel Epstein told his two visitors.

“We take an electric cattle prod,” the bearded man continued later in the conversation on Aug. 14, 2013, according to court documents. “If it can get a bull that weighs five tons to move … You put it on certain parts of his body and in one minute the guy will know.”

Epstein believed the guest across the desk from him in his home office in Lakewood, N.J., was desperate, an Orthodox Jewish woman trapped in an unloving marriage because her husband refused to grant her a get, a religious document in the Jewish faith granting the dissolution of a marriage. Without it she’d be agunah, or chained to the union, unable to remarry. But now, with her brother, she was seeking guidance from Epstein on another, less talked-about option. There were situations when a group of rabbis and “tough guys” could force a husband to sign a get, the rabbi explained.

The woman, who was actually an undercover agent from the FBI, gave Epstein a check for $10,000 at that meeting. Epstein and the other two rabbis were caught up in a government sting within a month, indicted on federal charges in May 2014, and a year later convicted.

How Orthodox Jewry is robbing an American town, by Carolyn

Yocheved (left, with lawyer) and Shimon Nussbaum leave the federal courthouse in Trenton on Monday following their initial appearance on benefits fraud charges. (Cristina Rojas | For

The story emerging out of Lakewood, New Jersey paints a picture of greed and parasitism that cannot be brushed or argued away. It is clear as day that one group of people who consider themselves worthy of “special treatment” feel justified in subsidizing their religious way of life off the backs of the unholy goyim – who should toil for their benefit. Seven couples have been arrested so far, but many more arrests are said to be coming. Read on and you will see how it works, and how they defend themselves

Religion is key to Lakewood’s ‘special treatment’ for Jews, by Carolyn

WEST BANK? New two-story, cookie-cutter home construction continues unabated in Lakewood NJ to house the Orthodox Jews who are coming from all over the world, as seen here on Manetta Ave. The piney woods that used to be prevalent in the town have been wiped out. (David Gard | For NJ Advance Media)

THE SAGA OF PETTY CRIMINALITY IN LAKEWOOD NJ I’ve presented so far provides an object lesson in “Special Treatment for Jews.” We see how a fundamentalist Jewish orthodox “community” moved into a quiet, somewhat idyllic East Coast town in large numbers and transformed it in their own image. We also see that the results of this are not good for the non-Jewish population, yet they are unable to stop it. To understand a situation like this, some analysis is in order and the situation in Lakewood is perfect for this purpose.

Fundamentalist Orthodox Jews are highly visible because of their distinctive clothing, making them stand out in a way reform or secular Jews do not. Lakewood NJ is a town where these Jews now make up half the population. The other half is a mix of African-American, Hispanic, and White. Therefore Jews make up the majority now.

We have in Lakewood a lesson in how Jews use religion to get their way – to assure their traditions or way of life are not denied or interfered with in any way, and even more often than not paid for by the outside community. They use their expert knowledge of the law in whatever country and city they’re living in to take advantage of every part of it’s legal system that can be used in their favor. Many Jews study law for this reason.



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Trump’s Zionist ball and chain, Ryan Dawson:

(((Pay to play in New Jersey)))

The Democrats can’t easily criticize Trump on the basis of his mafia and criminal associations because they are guilty of the same things…

Charles Kushner was a heavy donor to both Clintons; and a lot of the New York Port Authority figures were deep in with the Clintons. Charles Kushner is the felon father of Jared, who is Trump’s son in law, who now has a senior position in the White house; just negotiated 110 billion dollar deal with Saudi Arabia.

Benjamin Netanyahu has actually slept in Jared’s bed; when he comes over to the Unites States he stays with the Kushners, that’s how tight their family is.


Charles Kushner had been blackmailing the Governor of New Jersey, which is a very important position, because the Governor of New Jersey appoints the Port Authority, and the Port Authority has authority over all this infrastructure for New York and New Jersey they control all the ports, seaports, airports etc., they also control a lot of other property, they’ve got their own police. So, if you can police everything and control your own ports, it’s pretty easy to bring in heroine form Afghanistan for example, or whatever.

        Cipel and McGreevy

So, Kushner was aiming to bribe the Governor, and that was Governor McGreevy at the time, Jim McGreevy, who was a closet homosexual. He’s out of the closet now but he met his Israeli boyfriend in Israel, his name was Golan Cipel, and Kushner sponsored his Visa to come to the United States. Kushner already knew Golan; set him and McGreevy up together, knew about their relationship, clearly was blackmailing the Governor; and the Governor did indeed, appoint Kushner to become chairman of the Port Authority. 

[Charles Kushner was obstructed from this plan by his brother in law and thus tried to blackmail him with prostitutes, but was unsuccessful in the blackmail; his sister did not care enough to not testify against him; and he went jail anyway when brought up on charges]


Kushner tried to bring McGreevy down with him - McGreevy resigned but walked away like a boss because he just gave a heart wrenching story about how he was a gay American; and it was ignored that he gave his boyfriend a $150,000 job, a foreign national in charge of New Jersey security, which had access to nuclear sites.  ...that fact he was having an affair with a man in his wife’s bed while his wife was in labor with their child in the hospital….that guy was the biggest pay-to-play Governor since the Clintons.

New Jersey is really susceptible to pay to play because of the way it is organized. It has so many school districts, so many superintendents, one of everything in every little piece of dirt. It’s just awarded by government.

New Jersey is a gravy train.

..and there is this group there called the Holocaust builders, the Zuckerberg’s ..the Kushners, they are real estate tycoons and they essentially take advantage of this government system, so that they have government support against their competitors; and they buy-up very lucrative real estate in New Jersey. And the cycle repeats…

They use their profits to buy off the governors to give them positions on the Port Authority. If you look at the transportation positions on the Port Authority, not one of them are transportation people, they are all bankers..

The former president of AIPAC has been on the Port Authority for over a decade.

When Trump’s daughter married Charles Kushner’s son it was basically saying the premier, you know the top two, New York real estate mogul, which is Donald Trump and the top New Jersey mogul just married together literally. ..and both brought all their mob ties with them and there were a lot of those.


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Lovely Short Hills New Jersey and its Mall are not far from some of the blackest places around and all that entails:

...drifted over to the Short Hills Mall, where he carjacked and murdered…

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