Where and How (((The Alternative Right))) is Drawing “Friend-Enemy” Lines of a Coming Revolution

Posted by DanielS on Saturday, 11 February 2017 08:20.

AltRight Radio, “Counter Signal - 2 - The Bannoning”, 6 Feb 2017:

(21:00) Charles: Yeah, so, we got kicked off of Reddit. I was one of the moderators there. I organized all of the “ask me” anythings. We got kicked off of Reddit for sharing the researcher bounty that was looking to identify the antifa that attacked you, Richard.

(29:00) Richard Spencer: To kind of transition to a bigger issue. We’re in this weird state, if you will. Everything that has happened in a way that I never imagined it would happen, basically. I never imagined Donald Trump would be memed into an Alt Right hero. ...We have this weird situation where there’s been this top-down revolution in the Republican party. Donald Trump is soui generis; and he has some people who are on his side: obviously Bannon and (((Steve Miller))) are kind of (sigh) they’re definitely not Alt Right but they’re hard, they get it at some gut level and they’re behind him and pushing him to do this:

[Jewish paleo-nationalism as opposed to Jewish neo-conservatism]

(30:50) Richard Spencer: So, there’s this weird top-down revolution that’s going on; we can say that Donald Trump has all this access to directly reach the people through Twitter and Youtube and his celebrity and so on; but at the same time this is going to be really, really hard because he is going up against every institution in society. He did a travel ban that is total weak-tea. I’m not bashing Bannon and (((Miller))) who are behind it at all, I’m just like kind of like challenging them, challenging Trump.

(31:45) Richard Spencer: It’s a start of something; and obviously the left is freaking-out; they’re losing they’re shit because it is the first time that they’ve seen a White man stand up to the world and say, “no, we’re not helping you, we’re not declaring war on your behalf, you’re not coming here, no, this is our country, sorry, but your out of your own country, bye bye”; and they cannot take that, a White person saying that drives them fucking nuts….and so that’s where we’re happening, that’s what’s happening, we’re in this weird situation, we’re winning on this top-down level from the Presidency. But in terms of all of these institutions, in terms of the digital institutions, in terms of society itself, like we’re, I can’t say that we’re winning. We are triggering them, we are freaking them out, we are fighting back against them maybe for the first time in a long time. But we’re not winning.

(32:44) Richard Spencer: You know, they are fighting-back too, the antifa are getting hard-core. They are attacking Milo for god’s sake. ..and they are attacking us in the streets. ..ah, the digital, Silicon Valley people are kicking us off of platforms, like they’re, the Empire is striking back as well, we’re just in this very strange situation that I, again, that is totally unpredictable and is also unpredictable going forward. I don’t know how this is going to play out. ..it is precarious to say the least. We are basically losing and winning and fighting back and getting fought-back against really hard in ways that we never had before.

[Blending Alt lite with Alt right]:

(33:30) Charles: Oh, this is how you get Caesar. They are so hysterical, I mean, when they’re saying that people like Milo Yiannopolis, is a gay, Jewish, race-mixing, libertarian; and they’re putting him along side Adolf Hitler; it’s just so bizarre, it’s like you guys have lost your shit. They’re not just attacking Richard Spencer anymore, they’re attacking Gavin McInnes, they’re attacking Milo Yiannopolis, they’re attacking normal, like normal people, like normal Trump people, at their little airport protest over in Portland…there was a guy who just had a Trump hat and I guess I don’t know, he may have said something, but a whole mob of people attacked him, knocked him out, gathered around and were like you deserve it you Nazi, ra, ra, ra! ...it was a very disgusting scene..I’ve never seen, like that before in my life; and they’re literally saying everyone’s a Nazi now and you can be violent toward Nazis at the Gavin McInnes protest. A professor at NYU was like, “you fucking police, you’re protecting a bunch of Nazis!” ...and its, like, its Gavin McInnes ok? He has a Native American wife, he likes Pat Buchanan, ok? He’s not Adolf Hitler. They’re just losing their shit so badly.

(35:57) Charles: This is the first time that the right has ever pushed back and they’re losing it.

(36:07) Richard Spencer: Whether this is due to social mood, or what have you… Bannon, as well, is interested in this fourth turning concept…it seems every thirty to fifty years or so there are these points where there are these paradigm shifts and people recognize it in their gut ...and they react to it and that’s when violence returns ...the inter-war period was a very clear example about this ....political violence, street violence, ideologies, I don’t like the word extremism, but compared to the bipartisan consensus of the 1980’s yes, it was kind of extremism. Very different visions of the world were clashing. You have a similar situation three decades after in the late 60’s and 70’s…where again, violent action, underground societies, bombings, again, a lot more things were in question, people were willing to do things. .. and as I grew up, I was born in 1978 so I grew up in the 80s and the 90’s, all of that stuff seemed totally impossible. The notion that you would kill someone over politics was basically insane. It was unthinkable. ...now it is clearly thinkable. There is no doubt that at one of these future events, whether it is I speak or whether its an NPI conference or whether its Gavin McInnes or whether its like Steven Crowder, there’s going to be blood on the fucking street, there is going to be deaths due to politics. That is something that everyone just assumed was over, but its back. There does seem to be a very intensely negative social mood going on and I think there is also this demand, and it comes from both the left and the right, this radical demand for a new paradigm, and we’re a part of that…. I was actually joking, but the Alt Right actually does have something in common with the anti-fa.

[That’s right, they’re both controlled opposition]

[Now to wrap up the friend enemy distinction as Jews would like to develop it]

(56:56) Richard Spencer: This is the way I would end it [wrap-up the podcast] one aspect of the civil war, at least as I would see it, is that ultimately it becomes two sides; and we are seeing that…what I’ve been used to, my career in this, has basically been… like your fighting two battles, on the one hand you’re fighting the left and the liberals, but I always viewed the real enemy as the phony right, like that’s the real enemy that you have to displace and destroy, the phony right, they’re the ones preventing a new right, a different right, an Alt Right from emerging…and so that’s how I viewed it… what’s happening now, I think is a different dynamic….and that is that we’re getting pushed-onto the same side, whether we like it or not.

It’s like the type of Alt Lite moral signalers, who want to talk about how un-racist they are, how Trump is going to be great for everyone, whether you’re a Korean shop owner, an African American or an Indian immigrant, we’re all going to be making America great again, that is just, I’m sorry, that is really quaint and kind of fun for you know, Cernovich. ...but that is all just total objective nonsense ..no one is going to take that seriously, like it’s already over.  Basically, the Alt Lite people are going to be attacked by the exact same people for the same reason [is this sounding more like plan than a prediction to you too?], using the same language and ideology as Richard Spencer or David Duke, or literally Hitler would be attacked by these people. You cannot differentiate yourself. There will ultimately be two sides ..at the end of the day, even they (honest liberals who would condemn anti-fa attacks) will be pushed onto the same side.

(59:23) Richard Spencer: And that’s where we are, we’re getting pushed onto two sides; and that is also a sign of a civil war. This isn’t some market place of ideas, this is a civil war where one side will win and one side won’t.

(59:44) Charles: Well, to purposely misquote Richard Nixon, we’re all national socialists now, when libertarians and cuckservatives and the likes of Bill Mitchell and Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes are compared to Adolf Hitler, it’s a preposterous time to be alive.. that’s where we’re at right now, the “basket of deplorables” is now the basket of Goebbels. .. we’re past the point, we can’t have a reasonable discussion. So when you hear Paul Joseph Watson in his British accent or whatever it is, talking about “oh, the ‘tolerant’ left, oh my, they just don’t want to have a discussion.” You’re right, they don’t want to have a discussion, they want to fight you, they want to kill us all. So what do you say, Paul, do you want to join us? Do you want to fight back? Or do you want to get beat up?

(101:06) Richard Spencer: The irony is that you and I would literally have a discussion with Paul Joseph Watson.. whereas the other side won’t. ...there’s a reason for that ..whatever you want to say about Paul Joseph Watson or Milo or whatever, we can talk with them .. there’s a compatible aspect to what we’re doing, we’re kind of like left and a right in a way.

(102:47) Richard Spencer: In terms of the Alt Lite, I can only imagine that a lot of them are waking up to this obvious reality

(102:59) Charles: I think they are. (((Lauren Southern))), I think, just made a video saying that it’s time to fight back.

(103:07) Richard Spencer: Yeah

(103:07) Charles: and it is, if you’re being attacked by these people, you have to defend yourself.

(103:15) Richard Spencer: Absolutely. Well, anyway, lets leave it on that note; this was great; unfortunately Andrew had to leave us a little bit early; yeah, so, we’re back and we’ll be doing this regularly. So, get ready. I’ll talk to you soon Charles.

(103:37) Charles: I’ll talk to you soon, Richard.

TRS, “Beyond The Wall Episode 6: Interview with Lawrence Murray”, 2 Jan 2017:

    TRS says: Hello Goys!

At TRS, Lawrence Murray (pseudonym) talks to two Mexicans. Murray, a writer for TRS, has given several clues (in this interview as well) to lead one to suspect that he might be Jewish himself - at least tasked with trying to soften attitudes toward Jews and Zionism, leave them certain outs, if not being Judeophilic. He was also the one responsible for their Castizo article, apparently meant to soften the blow of mixing Whites, Indios and blacks. Whatever the case, with the Mexicans he covers topics that those who actually are dealing in good faith need to consider: “The bad Jews” (as opposed to the “good”, Zionist ones, as these Alt-Righters propose the distinction), those Jews who are against Trump and the Alternative Right false opposition. Another matter discussed is world demographic population trends - relevant to this thread is a mention of Chinese population in Vancouver and New Zealand. Also discussed are Indio, Mestizo and “Sambo” (Castizo) populations for their better and worse, their presence in South, Central and North America.

(43:00) Mexican interlocutor: What we were talking about, the imperial spirit of the British Empire that had, like Larry was saying, that had a government based in London but was trying to be a world government, really fit into the merchant style of the international Jews at the time that they didn’t even have land, and it kind of fit into a synergy because at the same time whenever the British empire wanted to conduct new businesses, or get new contacts, or a new route in the merchant enterprise, the could always count on the Jews to have a cousin or a friend, or simply walk into a synagogue and say hey, we come from very far away, we have this plan, who do you know? can you make this work? can you make this happen? and there were kinda Jews everywhere, so it does make sense for the British to synergize because on the one hand, they like the merchant cast, international Jews, and at the same time, the British like the amount of contacts and the kind of a-priori expansion that the Jews had around the world. So, I think that kind worked both ways.

Lawrence Murray: Yeah, the British, oddly enough, if you look at the time of the first world war, actually had a sense that the Jews were powerful. Like, they actually had that ethnic awareness. Part of the reason that the Balfour Declaration is made, you know, the promising of an establishment of an Israeli homeland in Palestine, part of the reason why the Prime Minister and the Cabinet go along with this is because they believe by offering this as sort of a gift to the Jews, the international Jewish community will side with Britain and help them out. So, they were actually aware of Jewish power, but by then the empire was on its way out anyway..so it’s kind of interesting, they don’t really grasp it until it gets near the end, how powerful the faction they’re dealing with; and by the time that the British empire ends, Israel manages to literally bomb its way out of it, which is a fitting end..a bookend to the collapse of the British empire.

The Israelis launch a terror campaign against the British government (laughs), which had given them Israel, in order to become independent, yeah, you know, so that’s how it ends.

So, beginning in the 30’s an 40’s The British started to back-peddle on Zionist policy, where they were going to let Jews migrate to Palestine, because, as it turns out, that made the Arabs angry. And the British, of course, having to maintain the empire, couldn’t have the Jews and the Arabs fighting each other within the empire because that’s bad for the government because it leads to anarchy; so they started trying to say no, the Jews can’t migrate to Palestine anymore, because that’s causing tensions and the Jews of course did not like that idea.

(46:07) Mexican: What’s the name of the hotel that they bombed?

Lawrence Murrary (pretending to be unsure): I think it’s the Hotel David. ..yeah, I believe that’s the one.

(46:25) Mexican: There’s another aspect that led the British to be so susceptible to Jewish influence, basically the crazy Protestant sects. [Note Jewish angle of directing blame to Whites]

(46:50) Mexican:...you know had this crazy belief about the Jews going back to Israel to fulfill some prophesy…

(47:23) Lawrence Murray: That’s why I’d recommend reading not just Kevin MacDonald but also Paul Gottfried, who is Jewish, but I believe grew up in Connecticut and New York; and, you know, he’s a paleoconservative writer, so he’s not a nationalist but he did analyze in the book, “Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt” how there’s a chain of connection between you know that northern, New England, Puritan Protestant culture that eventually gives rise to the title of the book, Multiculturalism and the Culture of Guilt, because guilt is such a Protestant thing .. you have guilt and you have salvation and you’re sort of born damned…and some of it spills-over to Catholicism as well, but it wasn’t the Catholics who brought to America the idea that you have to atone for slavery and discrimination ...Catholics did not found the United States.

(48:31) Mexican: If we come through the current year, as they say…as Larry was saying, there are Jews that are writing about these kinds of things…there are so many nationalists in Israel, and you know, the British people realizing that the, the British empire idea and the world finance idea simply is not working ... now how should we approach the issue? Because, on the one side, we have what we’ve been talking here, that they they did this and they did that, that they’ve been doing it, they’re probably going to keep doing it, they’re going to keep doing it, and its in their blood and all that and on the other hand we see an opportunity to kind of just wheel in all the people, the British people, and even talk to the Jewish people about our understanding this concept of identity and of different nations and of commerce between sovereign nations, not between nations that are ruled under one capitalist global finance system. Should we just ah, should we call it even? and let bygones be bygones? and let the Jews have their own state in the Middle East and let the British you know, obviously keep their land and peacefully dismantle the global financial system without holding any grudges?

(50:10) Mexican: I mean seriously, because there’s so much momentum in the Alternative Right and all these things .. I use that term as an umbrella for all the awareness that is coming in the world, even among Jews and non-Whites, so if the momentum keeps growing and we actually get somewhere, do we want some kind of conflict with anybody or do we just want to learn form our mistakes and create a new system, that if we use it differently in each nation, as each identity wants can actually work to keep world peace and to let Europeans prosper [note that he’s talking about Europeans prospering while they are being genocided] and to let other countries, you know mind their own business [rather, let the compradors mind it for them] you know, if they get back on their feet or they don’t well, that’s their problem. You kind of get the idea of what I’m saying, right Larry?

(51:05) Lawrence Murray: Yeah, I think the fault-line is going to be ‘pro-White countries versus anti-White countries.’ I don’t know how that’s going to unfold entirely, but I think in terms of foreign policy, people that are willing to work with us and permit us, speaking from a white American perspective, people who are willing to let us have our own state, and not try to destroy it, I think that’s a good starting point to be friends. People who do not want us to have that, we’re obviously not going to get along with. So, we don’t know what that’s going to look-like yet. I’ve spoken to people who argue that Israel may wind up being an ally of Europe and a White America, simply because the same people who hate Israel, hate the United States, I’ve heard argued ...I don’t know that that is entirely true but there are people who are both anti-Zionist and anti-White, so you know, we don’t know what these things are going to look like, what we do know is that from my perspective, at least, I want a White homeland; and people who support a White homeland will be my allies and people who don’t, won’t be.

        Note the Israeli alliance part, it’s the old, “this is what THEY say . ..I didn’t say it”.

        He strongly recommends reading (((Paul Gottfried))) to supplement your reading of MacDonald.

(52:25 ) Mexican: and how do you envisage the United States, it would get a pro-White tone [tone?], like you were saying and the people, especially the anti-White White people, which I think are the most aggressive ones against Whites…

(52:41) Lawrence Murray: Well, [here comes false opposition] they’re the second most aggressive. We all know who the most aggressive are. I know this might be a challenge, because English might be a second language but you should crack open the New York Times and see who the authors are of all the op-eds condemning Donald Trump and his White male voters.

(53:08) Mexican: The New York Times is owned by a Mexican, well not owned.. he’s just a majority share holder

(53:16) Lawrence Murray: And isn’t he an Arab if I’m not mistaken?

(53:20) Mexican: He’s a Lebanese, not exactly an Arab, he’s a Christian from Lebanon, more like a Semite, Catholic Semite.

Addendum: DanielS response to Just Sayin’,
a TRS, Alt Right, Trump and general right winger

Just Sayin’: Obviously there is a faction of Jews backing Trump, as well as a faction opposing him.

The question is, to what extent does Trump represent:

A) Jews digging their claws in deeper, consolidating their power, scaling up their ambitions, arranging things to serve their interests even more directly

and to what extent does he represent

B) Jews getting nervous, going into a defensive mode, scaling back their ambitions, making concessions to the goyim in order to prevent white resentment (and leftist third worldism) from threatening certain core interests

It likely represents a combination of a) and b) (at minimum they realize they can no longer rule so blatantly as neo-cons and need to at least pay more lip service), but we can’t actually know the answer to this question until we see how events play out over the next few years.

DanielS: We don’t have to wait for anything. We know right now that is the case - that it is a combination of the two.

Just Sayin’: If he starts a war against Iran (or worse, a world war against Islam), then we’ll know that the Jews found a new angle to consolidate their power even further. We’ll know that they’re really that Machiavellian. And we’ll know that we’re quite screwed.

If, on the other hand, he follows through on some of his promises regarding immigration and other areas where he has promised to be less anti-white, then we’ll know that Jews are getting nervous and feeling like they have to grant some concessions to hold on to their base of power. At which point, why not try and wring more concessions out of them?

(Yes, it would be better if whites were sovereign in their own lands, but they’re not and won’t be any time soon. For now white identity politics is, at least, good practice.)

DanielS: “White identity politics” is the game that Jews are trying to get ahead of and control now - they are playing it between:

a) their crypsis, passing as White;

b) those who don’t care or even want to see them effectively on the same team; and failing those options,

c) those who believe that they (Jews) are a people who can be aligned with in good faith as Zionists (and/or a sufficiently autonomous and separatist nation in diaspora), in the scheme of particular nationalism for everybody as opposed to globalization. 

The first problem is that the Jewish religion is globalism at their behest - Zionism, it only sees as its medium for global rule. We already know that the Jews don’t argue in nationalist good faith, they wage war by deception. Christianity and Islam serve their ends. “White identity politics” are enmeshed with that and more in the broad publics of the world - the Jews know this, and do their best to orchestrate these ambiguities.

It is clear that Jews are trying to get ahead of White ethnocentric response, “identity”, trying to influence its friend enemy distinctions as much as possible - they can better orchestrate White response with more time. But for Whites, a wait-and-see response to what Trumpstein will do is unnecessary and is, at best, dubiously advised by your part. Whites don’t need to wait one moment to look at how Jewish interests lie, they only need to recognize the level of chutzpah with which they (the Jews) put their agenda across; and, by contrast, begin to grasp White sovereignty, as we are a verifiably distinct people from Jews and Jews are clearly verifiable as a distinct people in contrast, whom we need to separate from: separatism is the first step, separatism is the ultimate aim, separatism is always possible.

Another relevant comment, this one in response to captainchaos:

DanielS: Captainchaos, you shouldn’t drink before you comment.

You say here:

Posted by Captainchaos on Wed, 08 Feb 2017 21:57 | #13

Daniel’s argument that it is necessary to cede massive amounts of territory and resources to gooks in order to coax the latter into a Jew-fighting alliance is tragically myopic at best and pitifully moronic at worst.  By his argument, since Russia has Jews entangled in its ruling elite, this fire-sale giveaway should commence in order to bring that elite down.  But there is no White society on earth that does not suffer an entanglement with Jews.  So then, by his standards, all White societies globally should give at least half of what is theirs to gooks to get them to fight Jews.  The question of why Whites cannot simply fight Jews on their own without diminishing the spoils of victory by ceding land and resources to gooks goes conspicuously unasked by him. Why?  Because to ask the question is to answer it.

DanielS: I must parse this mess one part at time.

Captainchaos: Daniel’s argument that it is necessary to cede massive amounts of territory and resources to gooks in order to coax the latter into a Jew-fighting alliance is tragically myopic at best and pitifully moronic at worst.

DanielS: I am ceding nothing with regard to Russia. What I am saying is that it’s eastern border is its imperialistic problem. If it were to lose the part east of Lake Baikal, parts that it took only in recent history, it would still be enormous. I would not care if it were to be smaller than that, even, but I am trying to be realistic, given that cities of a million occur not far west of Lake Baikal.

Our maintenance of good relations and trade with Japan, Korea and China while not taking the side of Russia’s Jewy imperialistic appropriations to its east could be good incentive for them to cooperate with White ethnostates/ethno-nationalism, yes. It would make good sense for them.

Captainchaos:..in order to coax [Japan, China and Korea] into a Jew-fighting alliance is tragically myopic at best and pitifully moronic at worst

DanielS: I certainly don’t have to coax Japan and Korea into a Jew fighting alliance, China either, they will fight in their interests: it is in their interests to fight in alliance with those who oppose their enemies: Imperialists who would impose upon their interests.

The Jewish and White alliance that the Alternative Right proposes by contrast, and that you fall into by default, by your defense of The US and The Russian Federation, is what has brought the White race to disaster and is what has brought them into conflict with Asians - who hate Abrahamism and its child, Islam, hate its incursions as much and with as much of an effective counter as anybody - knowing, as they do, that it is the inspiration of western imperialism and incursions into Asia.

It is the inspiration even for its liberal imperialistic spawn of enlightenment secularism.

MacArthur’s father slaughtered Philippine natives, for what? Your friend Eisenhower installed Islamic comprador regimes in Asia, where Asian ethno-nationalists, “gooks” as you say, fought for their nations. He set in motion a war with Ho Chi Mihn, though Ho Chi Mihn tried to have Vietnam cooperate with The US on ethno-nationalist grounds.

With regard to White western interests, the sort of alliance that it has fallen into for its traditions, customs and habits provide a long list of perfidy, as it leads to their destruction and becoming more and more Jewed where they do survive.

Captainchaos: By his argument, since Russia has Jews entangled in its ruling elite, this fire-sale giveaway should commence in order to bring that elite down

DanielS: Again, that is not my argument. I am giving away nothing. In fact, that is an essential part of the deal with other ethno-nationalists. Thus, looking after my inerests in the bargain, I am not willing to betray its terms and fight against China and Japan in order to defend The Russian Federation in lands that it appropriated in imperialistic overstep in very recent history.

At least you admit that Russia’s ruling elite is entangled with Jews. Like the American ruling structure, it needs to be brought down in the interest of White ethno-statism, not just the non-White ethno-statism that they suppress. This kind of anti-racist, imperialist lording has led to a circumstance of race mixing that ethno-nationalists on any side do not want.

But there is also a degree of mixedness in the Russian population which can be resolved if it can live with and show its genuine native Russianness predominant by living in a Russian ethno-state. Genuine Russian ethno-nationalists would recognize the obvious fact that the Russian Federation is not an ethno-state, and would commend eastern regions becoming autonomous to the native populations.

Captainchaos: But there is no White society on earth that does not suffer an entanglement with Jews.  So then, by his standards, all White societies globally should give at least half of what is theirs to gooks to get them to fight Jews.

DanielS: While it is true that there is no White society that is not entangled with Jews, I don’t believe any European ethno-state, which is what the European nations are in essence, (beneath and besides Jewish and Jewish instigated liberal interference), should give away any territory. Nothing. And I will not abandon any European country in its ethno-statism along with its opposition to foreign imposition, notably Jewish, Muslim and black. Thus, the “standards” that you impute to me are not my standards. Because I am arguing for an alliance of ethno-statism against Jewish, Muslim and black incursions. I am not saying that the reason to allow Russia to recede into an ethno-state is because it is mixed with Jews, or not only because of that reason, I am saying that it is not an ethno-state, and as such, Jewy and right wing in its imperialism though it is, of any stock, it impinges upon our ethno-state alliances, against our common enemies.

In fact, The Russian Federation, just like the United States, is allied with our common enemies. Which will bring me to a last complication with regard to White ethno-nationalism.

Captainchaos: The question of why Whites cannot simply fight Jews on their own without diminishing the spoils of victory by ceding land and resources to gooks goes conspicuously unasked by him. Why?  Because to ask the question is to answer it.

DanielS: Again, I am ceding nothing with regard to The Russian Federation. I am alerting our Asian ethno-nationalist allies that we will not help The Russian Federation to defend lands stolen by The Russian Federation, The Soviet Union and its imperial predecessors. We fight on ethno-nationalist grounds, not on imperialist grounds.

This brings me to the problem of White Nationalism USA. In fact, I have been a hold-out in terms of what has now been a long standing, ready concession on the part of White Nationalists in America, that parts of it should be given away - as is the case of the North West Movement that you so fervently advocate - and what a hypocrite you are!

You people have been talking about giving the whole South West to Mestizos, the whole South East to blacks and the whole North East to Jews and liberals.

The fact that you would give anything to blacks shows what sorry wimps that you are. Are you a part of Greg Johnson’s harem?

But anyway, I’ve always recoiled at the idea of giving blacks any part of the USA - why should they have anything? You think that they are going to fight against the Jews and the government that keeps them on life support with an endless funnel of money from others. Even to the extent they might fight in that way, perhaps as some unintended consequence of their rioting, really, it means having to live beside them. And HuWhites look like Jews to them too (especially when they act like Jews). I’ve thought blacks should get nothing of the US and I still think that.

Nevertheless, Jewish and right-wing problem-making being what they are - after first flinging this black scourge upon Whites (and native Americans), by means of their slave trade, they now bring other non White populations upon White Americans in service of cheap labor and race-mixing-away the competition. They have done so to such an extent, with such logical force from their power niches, that the logics of meaning and action that extend from there mean that balkanization of the US becomes the only way to defend on racial grounds.

That means returning to the WN position which views the US Government as antagonistic to ethno-nationalism, a position it held until right wing fools got co-opted into a Jewish alliance by means of the Alternative Right - they will say that oh, blacks are not so bad, some of them are really smart and we can work with them, its those Mexicans, Muslims and Asians, that’s the real problem! And Jews, we can work with them, they know what they’re doing - good work! Look, they gave us our Alternative Right, they gave us our TRS, put our man Trumpstein in the White house - he’s siding with the good Jews, and with the Russian Federation…all those White people there, (((and))).

Still, I am not so down on White Americans as Kumiko is. I believe that she has not heard enough from true White American ethno-nationalists, who are not so naive/disingenuous, who can see the logic of our ethno-national alliance. Your referring to Asians as “gooks” and defending their enemies, when their enemies are in the wrong, does not help to change her perception.

Coming back to the predicament of White ethno-nationalism in North America, given that balkanization is, unfortunately, the necessary solution to the Jewish and right wing made problem: Balkanization is necessary as opposed to their Jewish plan of Castizo, viz. black, Amerindio and White mixing - which TRS proposes as a “solution”. By contrast, White American ethno-nationalists should favor ethno-nationalist alliance with Asians and Indios. Blacks should have no place but in Africa and Jews should have no power and influence in North America.

Whites should have their enclaves and sacrosanct territories and indios and Asians should have enclaves and sacrosanct territories, in an ethno-nationalist compact to maintain one another’s ethno-genetic interests: It can commence and proceed by means of the DNA Nations.

The DNA nation allows for bigger and smaller White enclaves to coordinate in the Americas, including North West USA.

As for the European ethnostates, they should be in complete control of their territories, maintaining them for over 90% of their native own population - the rest, being European and some Asian enclaves, if the ethnostate is willing, should be held to account along with the natives, to not impinge upon the quality and quantity of genetic interests and in fact, should help to effect deportation of interlopers.

14 Words.



Posted by AltRight features talk with Tommy Robinson on Thu, 16 Feb 2017 08:42 | #

Look who AltRight is featuring today, infamous Pam Geller, Zionist shill, and “counter Jihadist” controlled opposition, Tommy Robinson

              - Comment by DanielS


Posted by People are People on Fri, 03 Mar 2017 04:56 | #

Kathy Shaidle’s funny discussion of Richard Spencer’s “own goal.”

Taki’s Mag, “Blasphemous Rumors About Richard Spencer”, 28 Feb 2017:

In one short stretch, Spencer has been sucker punched (not a great look); sucker punched himself at his own conference, declaiming, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory” with all the quavering conviction of a one-line extra from They Saved Hitler’s Brain. (Pro tip: As a vehicle for conveying sincerity, volume alone is a rickshaw at best); and now this multilevel mortification:

Spencer was ostensibly expelled from CPAC last week for heading a “left-wing fascist group”; he “asked if he could stay if he would simply ‘stay out of trouble’”; and then said something even weirder:

One reporter “asked if he liked rock music,” and Spencer replied cryptically, “Depeche Mode are the official band of the alt-right.”

As a snotty mic-drop response to an irritating journalist, that comment isn’t just unwarranted under the circumstances, it doesn’t work, the way a patently absurd pick like the Partridge Family or the Grateful Dead would have.


Someone stupid enough to be smart? Skrewdriver.

But Depeche Mode? The most serious of that batch of po-faced new-wave synth-based “haircut” combos who oozed up post-punk? Okay, “Master and Servant” gives off a Night Porter vibe, but that just means they’re Englishmen, not Nazis.

There was nothing remotely fascist about Depeche Mode. I say this as an avid consumer of the U.K. music press during the band’s heyday, and an owner of their most popular album, although never exactly a fan—a species that, I was startled to see, still exists in sufficient numbers to get “Depeche Mode” and “Richard Spencer” briefly trending on Twitter after his remark went viral. (Although a hastily conceived hashtag, #AltRightAn80sSong, yielded predictably disappointing results.)

Along with the band itself, its fans swiftly mocked and denounced Spencer. A clip from Matt and Trey’s ill-fated Orgazmo (1997) suddenly started making the rounds, one in which a mulleted, trashy weirdo says, “I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothin’, but I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band.”

Now, Depeche Mode’s lead singer had recently—along with now-countless historically incontinent celebrities—compared Donald Trump to Hitler, and a few hours earlier, the group had unveiled early ticket access to their “Global Spirit” tour with some fanfare. So maybe Spencer just had Depeche Mode on the brain—a condition I haven’t experienced since around 1988.

Whatever his reason, if any, it was just a dumb thing to say, another own goal for a guy who can’t afford a single one. And while not as crippling as, say, inspiring assembled dorks to greet one of your speeches with Nazi (sorry, I mean, Roman) salutes, this replicated the sensation of tripping over an egregious and unforgivable factual error in an “important” book:

You wonder what else the author gets wrong.

For readers in the “What’s a tee-vee?” camp, assuming you’ve even made it this far, please try to understand and accept that these cultural signifiers matter, for better or worse, to millions of others, if not you.

Of course, it’s possible (although I really doubt it) that Spencer was actually playing 4-D chess with the rubes, myself included.

Because one oft-repeated reaction to his apparent Depeche Mode fandom was to slap up, “so there”-style, some lyrics to the group’s biggest hit, at least Stateside: “People Are People.”

To this day I walk around humming “People are stupid…”, but here’s how it really goes:

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we’re different colours
And we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs
It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done
I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully
Help me understand
Now you’re punching and you’re kicking
And you’re shouting at me
I’m relying on your common decency
So far it hasn’t surfaced
But I’m sure it exists
It just takes a while to travel
From your head to your fist
I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

Now, to quote another DM hit, “I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors,” but it’s possible one particular fellow, who was following along with the thread, was onto something when he put in, referring to the alt-right in general, and human heavy bag Spencer in particular:

They would claim that these lyrics actually apply to them.

      - Posted by DanielS


Posted by Dickson, Peinovich & Spencer at Auburn on Thu, 20 Apr 2017 02:54 | #

Sam Dickson,  (((Mike Enoch Peinovich))) introduce Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn

Longer version

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