Showcase: Arguing WN against virulent bracketry & why ‘Americanism’, ‘exceptionalism’ is ineffective

Posted by DanielS on Saturday, 06 January 2018 02:43.

What it’s like to argue with a bracket and why ‘American founding fathers constitutionalism’ is too complicated and flawed a premise to defend White nationalism.

When asked why she wanted to exclude certain people from White Nations…

Tara experiences what it’s like to argue with a virulent bracket and why defending White America (let alone White Nations generally, of course) on the basis of the U.S. Constitution, founding fathers, exceptionalism, etc., is not the best angle.

If you mean to defend White Nationalism, defend White Nationalism, not American Nationalism of the Founding fathers, their constitution and not I.Q., as Tara does. The intentions of the founding fathers, what their text say, matters of I.Q. and the accomplishments (or lack of certain kinds of misdeeds) of White Nations can provide rebuts to fallacious counter arguments, but are not effective as a premisary thesis for defending White Nationalism.

MR’s platform takes rather a premise of deep systemic, pervasive ecology and biodiversity ... to be deliberately coordinated among human and pervasive ecology; and to be distinguished from Hitler’s ‘ecology’ which was more like Darwinism and absent the sufficient human and humane aspect of praxis.

Perhaps we should let Tara find out the hard way - she has been warned (as Mancinblack noted). There are reasons to be critical of her: she has associated with some pretty bracketed individuals, such as the guy promoting the Jewish alternative payment set up (I’ll find the link a little later); in addition to going along with the fundamentally right wing and Jewish aligned platform that is the Alternative Right.



Posted by Shady Tara dealings on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 12:20 | #

Here is some of the Tara McCarthy stuff that I (DanielS) found dubious:

Pax Dickenson was recently interviewed by Tara McCarthy, discussing his new (((crowd funding platform))) backed by (((Mencius Moldbug of Neo-Reactionary))) notoriety.

Here is Pax back in 2013, working alongside Elissa Shevinsky, apparently another bracket…..

Venture Beat

“Infamous brogrammer Pax Dickinson changes his tune, apologizes, agrees to work for ‘Ladyboss”, 11 Dec 2013:

Elissa Shevinsky is returning to Glimpse Labs as chief executive. The surprise: Controversially outspoken co-founder Pax Dickinson will be staying on as her chief technology officer.

Dickinson became infamous earlier this year after Valleywag published a long string of tweets that were unbecoming the CTO of a major business publication (Business Insider). Business Insider then fired him.

Meanwhile, this caused trouble for Dickinson’s other startup, Glimpse Labs, where he was CTO and co-founder. Glimpse is a sort of “Snapchat for adults,” an app that encrypts all the messages sent between users, giving each user his or her own encryption key. Its aim is to be a completely secure way to send messages, without fear they’re being saved on some server or subjected to government snooping.

Glimpse co-founder Elissa Shevinsky — a woman with serious tech credentials — said she wasn’t going to put up with sexism in tech anymore. So with one of his tweets joking about rape, and another stating, “feminism in tech remains the champion topic for my block list. my finger is getting tired,” it no longer seemed feasible for her to work with Pax, and Shevinsky resigned from Glimpse.

Not only was it not feasible, but it just wasn’t right, Shevinsky said.

‘This is not a free pass’

But she was a co-founder. Glimpse was her idea, her baby. She had built the team. And Dickinson could code like no one’s business, Shevinsky said, and believed in the mission behind Glimpse.

So today, after two months outside the startup she co-founded, Shevinsky is returning to Glimpse Labs at CEO – and she is keeping Dickinson on as CTO.

“This is not a free pass,” Shevinsky said of her decision to forgive Dickinson. “This is not to say this is something that can happen in a repeated way. This is not to say that if you’re a great technologist, you can get away with bad things.”

Rather, she said, “People should have the opportunity to grow and change and we should give them space to become the people we hope they will be.”

And the person Pax Dickinson can be, Shevinsky believes, is the man to build Glimpse.

“I really trust that he’s going to be really different online,” she said, “and that’s probably the most important thing I needed to see.”

Other women who have worked with Dickinson also support him. He’s “definitely not a brogrammer,” said Julie Sommerville, a software architect at Business Insider.

An apology from Pax is going up on the Glimpse website today. Here’s an excerpt:

  With the help of some awesome friends and a lot of personal reflection, I’ve decided to explain and apologize publicly for some of my words. The N-word isn’t appropriate even in a joke or quote, and neither should I have joked about rape. Things I think are funny and that the people who know me understand I don’t mean maliciously are still upsetting to others. They don’t belong on a company executive’s feed. I wasn’t an executive when many of the most egregious tweets were written but that doesn’t excuse it. It was a lapse in judgment and I’m entirely responsible for that. I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to anyone I offended.

“Pax and I actually have a very strong working relationship,” Shevinsky said. “He respects me very much and he really wanted us to do this together. The last two months were really a negotiation about what the company would look like moving forward.”

That led to today’s announcement that Shevinsky is returning as CEO, and as Dickinson’s “ladyboss,” a term both of them embrace.

“’Ladyboss’ is about the idea that it’s OK — and even fantastic — to be a woman in charge,” Shevinsky explained. “It’s the unfortunate truth that some men can be uncomfortable having a woman be their boss, be their CEO, be their director, and that’s certainly been a difficulty for me.”

As for Dickinson’s return, “People deserve a second chance,” said J. Kelly Hoey, the co-founder and managing director of Women Innovate Mobile, an accelerator that is a supporting partner of Glimpse. (Disclosure: I’m a mentor for WIM.) “And sometimes, it’s not until you put your shoe in the dog shit and your foot in your mouth, that you realize what you’ve done.”

Crypto for all

Public drama aside, Glimpse is trying to address a need that’s increasingly relevant to many people: Finding a secure way to communicate. To that end, Glimpse has a cryptography advisory board that includes some of the folks behind encryption pioneer PGP, including Brett Thomas, Gene Hoffman and Bob Cohn. Some are now working on Silent Circle, another company that aims to provide completely secure telecommunications. Wickr provides a similar service.

Glimpse aims to provide private friend-to-friend communications, Shevinsky said, but will cooperate with government investigations in certain cases.

“If you are crossing a certain line, we are going to be fairly transparent that we’re going to be cooperative with the government,” she said. In a case where the government is investigating a drug or child pornography ring and presents Glimpse with a warrant, for example, the company would cooperate.

Even then, Glimpse will only be able to hand over some metadata — that the person is a member, for instance – along with the encrypted versions of their messages. But because it uses end-to-end encyrption, Glimpse won’t have the user’s personal encryption key and won’t be able to un-encrypt the messages for the feds.

The company’s primary social mission is that of digital rights and freedom of expression, Shevinsky and Dickinson said.

The app will be free, but there will be premium content and extra services users can buy, along with products such as Ladyboss T-shirts.

“You eventually need to monetize, so why not be transparent at the start about how you have to?” Shevinsky said.

Glimpse will be open for business soon, and you can pre-register at


Posted by Steve Miller cut off on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 21:09 | #

By contrast:

It is good to see bracket Steve Miller being cut off amidst his word deluge and dismissed as “wasting the audience’s time”, despite his status.


Posted by Goy Bye! on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 22:23 | #


Posted by Steven the virulent bracket on Fri, 12 Jan 2018 05:43 | #

Andy Warski((())) (2:08:30):

Can I ask you again, aside from people who use this information to propose a White ethnostate. So, let’s just take-out that whole, that, that - in my opinion - racist thing aside because I don’t want to ban people from living in an area, I think it’s inhumane*. My personal choice. However, if we take that aside, is there a problem with seeing people as different races? Like when you see an Asian person, you go, “Asian”, that’s the first thing, [or] black person, “Black person” instantly, is there a problem with, you know, identifying different races? Besides people who may use it to say things like, you know we should just ‘burn ‘em all’ or fucking send ‘em back to, you know what I mean?

(((Steven the virulent Jewish fella))) (209:15):

I mean, you know, in a vacuum, no. I mean if you’re just making statements about pheno-types, I guess.

It comes down to more of how does this manifest on a cultural level?

For instance, lets say that when you were born, you were born in a certain city and somebody stamped it on your head, or tattood it on your head, right, to show that you were born in this city (editorial note: they should do that to the people from Pila, Poland - warning!).

You could ask me that same question, does it really matter that I can see that shitty city is stamped on your forehead? That I can see this, you know? Even though this has no bearing on you as a person? And, you know, your answer could be well, no, it’s just another piece of information. But the thing is, in society people tend to extrapolate. This is what humans do - this is why we’re so successful as a species is that we’re very good at um, discovering patterns and then, unfortunately, at applying patterns where they don’t exist.


So people will see one piece of data and they might extrapolate a ton from that.

And that’s why you have to be careful about what is the value of this taxonomic, you know, distinction between two groups of people, that if I were to start to say that blacks are a different subspecies than Whites or Caucasoids, right - if I make that distinction without having a really good argument, that while there are some different gene clusters that manifest in some different hormone levels that don’t really mean much at all, that people will take that differentiation, and they will extrapolate a lot of moral bad out of that, right?  - Well, these are blacks!, why are they in the same place as Whites?

They’re totally different races of people, they don’t need to be here. And they might extrapolate a whole lot more from that than simple phenotypical differences. They might go so far as to say that these are inherently dumb people, they have no creativity, they’re aggressive, you know the warrior gene and all that shit. People go crazy into that, or you know, things like the Holocaust can happen when you otherise people like that.

* It’s not necessary that they be treated inhumanely, that they couldn’t pass through or even live provisionally, it would be a matter of having different citizenship and being under a different governance.

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