Zeitgeist: all religion bad/not Abrahamic distinctly nor Judaism especially as its organizing motive

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A Zeitgeist may be described in sober terms as the largely taken for granted (unconscious, hence “ghostly”) logics of meaning and action comprising a moral order - the characteristic obligations, legitimacies and prohibitions constituting social paradigmatic parameters. I don’t need to refer to the oft quoted statement by Voltaire to suggest that given our prevailing zeitgeist, even where the progenitors of a theory via academia or media are not themselves Jewish, that they have dared not lay blame in the hands of the Jews. To cite Jews, their religion and practices as explanatory of social problems has been strictly prohibited since World War II; media and academia having circled the wagons more fervently and thoroughgoingly than ever against heretics of the paradigm - the zeitgeist of Jews as sacred cow. Nevertheless, it has only been more strong a taboo since the western world viewed footage of Operation Reinhard’s wake, and the Nazi mirroring of themselves as chosen, but it is not a new taboo. The Bible, Old and New Testament, has in fact been “the Jewish media” for 2,000 years, designating Jews as chosen (if not misguided), as having donated Christ, the savior of Gentiles, savior of all non-Jews, Whites included; and texts be known, has made taboo self interested defense and action for Gentiles, interposing and prescribing upon them instead an obsequious Golden Rule that the Jews themselves would not adhere to.

It is an observable Jewish strategy within this zeitgeist for their adherents to be granted “rights of display” as they might disseminate, via academia and media, a good deal of penetrating, truthful information; but in the end those rights of display are curtailed and attention deflected from just those parts of information where Jewish ways and means are shown responsible for negative social and genetic consequences for other peoples.

                                        ...”but he loves you!”

Such is the case with Zeitgeist

- the 2007 film Zeitgeist; viz., its segment on religion. After setting out an array of fascinating information tracing sources of Judeo-Christian mythology to pagan roots - largely to Egyptian sun worship - there is, by segment’s end, blame laid on the use of Christianity, by Roman leaders in particular, followed by a logical fallacy stealthily deployed: i.e., that all religions are mythologies used to cover-up the truth by those who know the truth and seek nefarious social rule by the obfuscating properties of religious mythos - all religions serve this purpose, therefore the Abrahamic religions generally and Judaism in particular should not be singled-out for special critique.

In fact, Christianity was not as much the means by which Roman leaders beginning with Constantine took power over the rest of Europe, so much as it was the means by which the Jews overthrew ancient Rome and ultimately, all of Western civilization - placing it all vaguely under the auspices of Noahide law - our Zeitgeist.







It’s simple to understand why the sun has been the most worshiped object of all time for its myriad of life giving necessity.

This is the cross of the zodiac. It represents the sun as it passes through the 12 constellations in the course of the 12 month year. It also reflects the four seasons, the solstices and equinoxes.

God’s sun, the light of the world and life giver traveled the world through anthropomorphized stages of the zodiac. For example, through the spring rains of Aquarius, the water bearer.

This is Horus, sun god of Egypt

Horus had an enemy called Set, the personification of darkness or night.

Dionysus was also resurrected

The birth sequence is completely astrological.

The star in the east is Sirius.

The sun is at its lowest in the northern hemisphere as the southern cross appears.

The sun appears not to move, suspended for three days.

...before “arising in rebirth.”

Coming back to the cross of the zodiac, it was not just an astrological chart..

It also contained a religious symbol which looked like this. This is a pagan symbol of the cross of the zodiac.

In the solar calendar, there is a grander time frame called “the age” - it refers to the “procession of equinoxes”, that is, the sequence of which sign of the zodiac that the equinox occurs within - each occurring within a zodiac sign’s “house” for a span of 2,150 years, after which it moves to occur within next zodiac sign’s “house.”

It is this cycle that the bible is cryptically referring to when it speaks of “the age.”

Moses was was very upset to find his people still worshiping the age of the bull.

He hailed and represented the next age, of Aries, the ram.

Jesus represents the next age, of Pisces, the fish.

This scripture is by far one of the most revealing in its astrological reference.

The man bearing the pitcher of water is Aquarius. He represents the age after Pisces, as Aquarius follows Pisces in the procession of the equinoxes.

But that’s the King James translation.

The actual word is “aeon,” which means “age.”

Tell that to the millions of Christians who believe that the end of the world is coming. That it [“the end of the world”] is in fact a misinterpreted astrological allegory [“the age”]. Furthermore, the literary and astrological hybrid that makes up the character of Jesus, is almost certainly a plagiarism of the Egyptian sun god, Horus.

For a source of the flood story, one need look no further than Gilgamesh.


Ten Commandments derived from Egyptian Book of The Dead

Fundamentalist Christians actually believe the world is 12,000 years old; and dinosaur fossils?

...just like nearly all religious myths before it.

...and Christianity, in turn, borrowed derived myths from The Old Testament.

In fact, is there any evidence at all that a historical figure Jesus existed?

We don’t want to cause hurt feelings but we want to be academically correct in what we understand and know to be true - Christianity just is not based on truth - Russel Pine, a.k.a., Jordan Maxwell

Ok, good, he denounces Christianity.

and? ...he adds..

Ibid. We find that Christianity was in fact nothing more than a Roman story developed politically.


The reality is that Jesus was the solar deity of the Gnostic Christian sect and like all other pagan gods, he was a mythical figure. It was the political establishment that sought to historicize the Jesus figure for social control.

It is well and good that Zeitgest denounces Christianity for its capacity to obscure the nefarious motives of the powerful, but it does not call attention to its obscurantism of the YKW’s motives.

It wants you to believe that Christianity was a motive of The Roman elite, beginning with Constantine, and not a motive of the Jews to bring down Rome and ultimately subject Europe under Noahide law.

The narrator continues to focus the blame on Christianity and Roman authority as conduit (as opposed to the Jewish will to overthrow Rome and any other potential adversaries by means of Christianity).

This angle also serves a divide (and thus aspire to conquer) Southern and Northern Europeans.

By 325 A.D. in Rome, Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicea - it was during this meeting that the politically motivated Christian doctrines were established and thus began a long history of Christian bloodshed and spiritual fraud; and for the next 1,600 years, the Vatican retained a political stranglehold on all of Europe. ...leading to such joyous periods as the dark ages, along with enlightening events such as the crusades and the inquisition.

Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems is the fraud of the age:

Note that he does not specify, “Abrahamic religion.”

....It serves to detach the species from the natural world and likewise each other.

No, on the contrary, it forces integration of the Gentiles among themselves.

It supports blind submission to authority. It reduces human responsibility to the effect that god controls everything and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name of blind pursuit. And most importantly, it empowers those who know the truth, but use the myth to manipulate and control societies.  The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.

Judeo-Christianity lifted its stories from Egypt.

In the end a narrator says that Jesus was nothing more than a derivative Roman story used to justify political control, but of course that’s not deep enough…. it was really a Jewish story, used to justify their political control, ultimately.

He singles out Christianity for blame, but not Judaism.

“It was during meeting of Nicea thus began a long history of christian bloodshed and spiritual fraud….and for the next 1600 years the Vatican retained a political strangle hold on all of Europe ...leading to such ‘joyous’ periods as the ‘the dark ages’ along with ‘enlightening’ events such as the crusades and the inquisition,” etc…

....from there he goes on to the logical fallacy of using generalization to obscure relative differences - “Christianity along with all other theistic belief systems” - “all religions” are bad because they try to separate you from nature and other people, and provide an obfuscation of the truth, an obfuscation that nefarious leaders, who know the truth, can use to control society.

“Region is the fraud of the age.”

...which religion? “It serves to detach the species from the natural world” ...all religions do that?

...“likewise from each other”

- that bit is not true with regard to Christianity’s prescription [as GW observes], it seeks rather to blend the Gentiles together.

“It supports blind submission to authority”

- True.

...“it reduces human responsibility to the effect that god controls everything and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name of divine pursuit.” ((( )))

..and in the name of the Kol Nidra.

“And Most importantly, it (((empowers those))) who know the truth but use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.”

...all other myths, ranging from PC to objectivism - the foundation of liberalism.

But he loves you

Zeitgest: All religions are nefarious but not Abrahamism distinctly and not Judaism especially as its organizing motive.

Zeitgeist: All religions are myths used by the powerful to obscure and control the reality of which they are aware; maybe Christianity deserves to be singled out a bit, but not Abrahamic religions more broadly and not Judaism in particular for the key responsibility in motivational, re-organization of syncretic pagan sources.

Vice News on Judeo-supremacism, “Radical Young Israeli Settlers and Price Tag Attacks”:

A gentile and a Jew are not even supposed to eat at the same table.

This is how we are influenced by their evil culture.

It’s all according to him.

I don’t care anything else.

This is all.

You don’t care about laws, you don’t care about human rights, you don’t care about any of that?
- it’s all according to the Torah?

The Torah has also human rights.

The real human rights.

You know in the end…

After we build our big temple…

The ultimate goal is to be a light for all the goyim [goyim is the word that she uses]

Rather than transcribing the word “goyim”, the film-makers translated her as saying “gentiles”, so that we might not hear ourselves being referred to as cattle - we can understand nevertheless, that we are being slated as an undifferentiated mass other, as GW says, “the Gentiles”, to be subject to the supremacism of Jews, of Noahide law - Abrahamic decree served also in its derivative religions, Christianity and Islam, and irrespective of any contention outside of its law..​



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        Press to watch what they think of their bastard step child’s idea that it can be brought together with the chosen.



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Daily Beast, “The Man Whose Dream Became Israel”, 1 Jan 2017:

Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, is mostly famous for launching his movement in reaction to the anti-Semitism of the Alfred Dreyfus trial. As with all great historical tales, Israel’s foundation story conveys one essential truth—reactions to European Jew hatred did inspire Zionism. But this too-simplistic story risks eclipsing other nuanced truths, making Zionism seem too defensive and a critique of French liberalism rather than a more affirmative nationalism that also feared Austro-Hungary’s blood-and-soil anti-Semitic right.

But first, Herzl’s Zionist Aha Moment.  It’s December 1894 in Paris. Theodor Herzl, a 34-year-old assimilated Austrian-Hungarian Jew, is covering the Dreyfus Affair. This lawyer, playwright, and journalist, with piercing eyes and a beautiful black beard, embodies the Enlightened rationalism and liberalism that freed Europe from the Middle Ages and Jews from their ghettoes. Alfred Dreyfus, a French officer, stands trial for treason. On December 22, 1894, when the court convicts Dreyfus—on trumped up charges, leading later to Emile Zola’s famous J’accuse—the crowd, inflamed by nationalism, doesn’t shout “Down with Dreyfus.” Instead, they yell—in Enlightened Paris—“Down with the Jews.”

Theodor Herzl has his Jewish awakening. Watching European nationalism cohere, appreciating the nation-state as the modern world’s defining political unit, knowing that, as he writes, “the Jews are one people,” Herzl realizes that until the Jews control their own country, Jew hatred will persist. The Jews must leave Europe and re-establish their ancestral homeland, the Land of Israel.

With this evolution from the Wandering Jew to the Settled Israeli, Herzl theorized, anti-Semitism would disappear, Jewish pride would reappear. Jews could be normal again—after centuries of national purgatory causing persecution. Herzl writes a pamphlet, Der Judenstat, the Jewish State, in 1896; organizes the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897; visits Palestine in 1898; and dies tragically in 1904. The man who insisted “If you will it, it is no dream,” was prophetic. Herzl wrote in 1897, “At Basel, I founded the Jewish State. If I said this out loud today, I would be answered by universal laughter. If not in 5 years, certainly in 50, everyone will know it.” Fifty-one years later, in 1948, Israel, the Jewish State, was established.

It’s a great story, mostly accurate, although not fully true. The idea of Jewish peoplehood and a homeland was thousands of years old. And pressure for a modern Jewish State had been building for decades before Herzl’s epiphany.

Herzl himself is more complicated. He endured anti-Semitism in Vienna and worried for years about “the Jewish Problem”—can that perennially persecuted people ever fit into Europe? He also wasn’t some illiterate, anti-anti-Semitic Jewish pagan fleeing anti-Semites to build a garrison state of Jews. He loved Judaism, calling Zionism “a return to Jewishness, even before it is a return to the Jewish land”—although it took him awhile to realize Palestine was the only option for his Jewish state. He understood that the Jews’ unique heritage mixing religion and peoplehood could yield a State filled with Jewish values without being a theocracy because “Jewish” is a national concept too. He wanted—as he titled his 1902 utopian novel—an Altneuland, an Old-New Land, being what Barack Obama would call someone “who had the foresight to see the future of the Jewish people had to be reconnected to their past.” And, as a good liberal democrat, Herzl captured the universal possibilities pride in your particular heritage can bring. “We shall live at last as free people on our own soil, and in our own homes peacefully die,” he concluded in Der Judenstat. “The world will be liberated by our freedom, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness.”


Posted by Theodor Hezl on Mon, 02 Jan 2017 06:33 | #


Historically, Herzl wasn’t just reacting to liberal France’s illiberalism but to what we might today be tempted to call the “alt-Right” that emerged as the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed. In Herzl’s home city of Vienna, anti-Semitic, radically populist candidates emerged, with Karl Lueger of the Christian Social Party denouncing “corrupt liberalism” and Jewish power. These anti-Semites were “deterministic” racists, the political scientist Shlomo Avineri explains, fearing Jewish blood not attitudes. And they feared Jews’ perceived “success” not “weakness.”

Israel’s current status leads friends to overlook one of Herzl’s failures and foes to exaggerate another one. Given how central the Jewish national project is to Jews today, and given how the Holocaust justified Herzl’s fears, it’s easy to minimize just how marginal, even ridiculous, Herzl seemed to be. There he was, visiting European leaders, negotiating with the Ottoman Sultan, purporting to represent European Jews, most of whom wanted to stay home—or move to rich and free America not godforsaken Palestine.

And, given how the last century has played out, and given how wrong Herzl was about a Jewish state eliminating Jew hatred, many distort his views regarding the Arabs of Palestine. Palestinian critics caricature Herzl as a Cecil Rhodes-like Western imperialist, solving the Jewish problem on the Arabs’ backs. Israeli fans caricature him as a male, Jewish, Mother Teresa, sure that a Jewish state will redeem the Arabs too. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in the nuanced middle. Herzl did imagine Jews and Arabs living happily ever after in “our common Fatherland.” But Herzl also underestimated how deep Arab ties were to the land—and their resistance to the Jews’ return.

Ultimately, we must abandon the Hollywood black or white version of Theodor Herzl, appreciating this complex character tackling a confounding problem in complicated times. He shared liberals’ idealistic faith in nationalism—even as he saw its ugly reactionary side. He echoed some Europeans’ condescending attitudes toward others. And he wasn’t some superhero saving the Jews, the Arabs, or the world.

However, like all great leaders, Theodor Hezl had an appealing vision suited to a particular moment that by (eventually) mobilizing millions shaped history. And like all great democratic leaders, he wasn’t just defending his people—or targeting enemies. In his moving Chanukkah story “The Menorah,” about a “man who deep in his soul felt the need to be a Jew,” Herzl imagined a once-assimilated Jew lighting the traditional Jewish candelabra. Watching the lights flicker, he and his family conclude, “The darkness must retreat.” Herzl adds: “The young and the poor are the first to see the light; then the others join in, all those who love justice, truth, liberty, progress, humanity and beauty.”


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The News Behind The News - Carl Klang

  Have you ever stopped to wonder why the world’s in such a mess?

  Why there’s so much mindless mayhem on the T.V. in the press?

  Why so many busy businessmen are snappin’ from the stress?

  And the rest of us are joggin’ from depression?

  Did it ever once occur to you or ever cross your mind?

  That the problems of this nation are created by design?

  That no matter what they tell ya there’s another bottom line?

  Intertwined between the patterns of deception?

  Since our eyes were first open and our ears began to hear

  They’ve been herding us like cattle through our fantasy and fear

  They rule us through illusion and confusion of the mind

  And by changing subtle meanings to the words between the lines

  It’s the news behind the news and the methods you can use

  It’s the blueprint and the plan you can rely on

  And it’s written in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

  Move along now all you little bovine…

  Now they’ll tell ya it’s a forgery they’ll say that it’s a fake

  That some anti-Semite wrote it for the money that he’d make

  It’s been slanderized and demonized and labeled “racist hate”

  By the same who stake a claim to it’s creation

  Now I’m not here to try to argue if it’s fake or if it’s true

  If the author was a commie or the likes of you know who

  What I’m really tryin’ to tell ya and to get across to you

  That it’s the blueprint to the downfall of our nation

  There’s a cause to the chaos that’s occurring in the land

  There’s a road to communism there’s a global master plan

  You’ll never read about it in a book of history

  ‘Cause it’s been hidden from the masses to control their destiny

  It’s the news behind the news and the methods that they use

  It’s the blueprint and the plan they all rely on

  And it’s written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  Yee haw!

  Now them Protocols of Zion have a crazy history

  Henry Ford gave out a copy free, with every Model “T”

  It’s a crime to even own one if you live in Germany

  Though it’s not an anti-Jewish publication

  So if you ever get a chance to get a copy of your own

  Just remember not to ever leave it lyin’ ’round your home

  ‘Cause ya never know just where their snoopy news reporters roam

  One might even be a friend or close relation

  It’s the cause to the chaos that’s occurring in the land

  It’s the source of communism, it’s the global master plan

  You’ll never read about it in a book of history

  ‘Cause it’s been hidden from the masses to control our destiny

  It’s the news behind the news and the methods that they use

  It’s the blueprint and the plan they all rely on

  And it’s written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  And it’s written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  Yee Haw! Go ahead and wail at your wall!



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Judaism’s essence is Land in exchange for Foreskins.

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