Zog mouthpiece Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital among litany of consolidating affronts

Posted by DanielS on Thursday, 07 December 2017 01:26.

Trump signs recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In a speech that Benjamin Netanyahu actually oversaw in drafting, Trump announced that the US will officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

This will please nobody but Israel, some right wing YKW and some bible thumping rapture bunnies from America’s Jesus belt.

At the same time it has played into the “crusader” rhetoric of ISIL and other Islamic fundamentalists, as inspiration for more terror.

Further, having firmly taken the side of Israel has neutered The US as a negotiator in the region; while defacto yielding greater influence of negotiation in the region to Putin, as he gains in appearance of neutrality (he isn’t neutral; he’s in Israel’s pocket as well) and increases The Russian Federation’s bargaining position in the Middle East.

That is just the start.

The most fundamental plank of Trump’s candidacy was to undo the Iran deal. A move that is good for nobody, but because Israel wants it, a motion which has been key to facilitating Trump’s presidency.

The Iran deal had paved the way for well considered, slow, steady liberalization of Iran that would allow other nations linked though the Silk Road to benefit with them through trade; while its undoing will increase fundamentalist Islamic reaction; combined with radicalization and destabilization of its regime, perhaps the resumption of Iran’s nuclear program and an increasing risk of world cataclysmic war - world war III.

The announcement of ZOG’s further consolidation - Jerusalem recognized as capital of Israel - comes, of course, after Trump and Kushner have armed Saudi to the umpteenth degree and endorsed its consolidating of Zion complicit power aimed in alignment with Israel against Iran.

Kushner Is Leaving Tillerson in the Dark on Middle East Talks.

All because ZOG wants that. And make no mistake, again, the Russian Federation is ZOG as well; it’s imperialist, parasitic oil business would be one of the few beneficiaries from a war with Iran.

“Israeli Defense Minister: ‘I Prefer ISIS to Iran on Our Borders”

Jewish wars have already cost the lives of so many Americans, Europeans and our allies; not to mention being a waste of our economic and military resource - the military budget has devastated the American economy.

This affront comes with a litany of moves by the Trump administration to consolidate ZOG’s grip at the expense of others.

Israel, already the recipient of some 10million dollars a day in foreign aid (according to former President Carter) has only had its aid increased; while Trump’s new tax bill cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans, which would include, of course, disproportionate benefit to the YKW among right wing cohorts. At the same time the bill increases tax on those making less than 75k; and because the bill (naturally) still leaves a tremendous deficit, ZOG takes aim at cutting Social Security and Medicaid - note that White Americans are an older demographic.

Meanwhile: Americans do not pay into Social Security beyond yearly earnings of $127,500.  Why not?

The list of horrific ZOG effrontery goes on:

- For Jews, Supporting Trump is a Moral Imperative.

- Donald Trump gives Benjamin Netanyahu everything he wants.
  Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Thursday, 16 February 2017.

- Trump and his cyber ‘czar’ Giuliani want to outsource US cybersecurity. Can you guess where-to?
  Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Saturday, 14 January 2017.

- Only The US Remains in Support, Israel’s Illegal Settlements Rest on the Alt-Right’s Trump
  Posted by DanielS on Monday, 26 December 2016.

- Is Donald Trump playing 181 dimensional underwater jenga-chess? (Hint: No.)
  Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Monday, 05 December 2016.

- Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman: Trump Won Thanks To ‘The Jews’
  Posted by DanielS on Monday, 21 November 2016.

- Alt-Right or Alt-Lite? It’s worse than you think.
  Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Friday, 18 November 2016.

The Alt-Right is a trendy facade that Paul Gottfried placed atop Frank Meyer’s paleoconservatism, a rightist fig leaf to mask, control and direct a myriad of right wing reactionaries; to go against any upstart left ethnonationalism that might awaken and respond as the YKW and right wing sell-outs have consolidated power upon the 2008 US real estate bust.

- We Told You So: Trump Panders to Israel - among his pandering at AIPAC, Trump promised that Jerusalem would become the capital of Israel.

The litany of ZOG effrontery goes on, our readers might care to note…



Posted by China backs a Palestinian East Jerusalem on Sat, 16 Dec 2017 15:01 | #

Vice News, “China backs a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem”, 15 Dec 2017;

President Donald Trump went against decades of U.S. foreign policy and pretty much the whole world last week when he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

And unsurprisingly, pretty much the whole word has been angry ever since, with powerful leaders from Europe to the Middle East condemning the decision as needlessly provocative and dangerous.

As violence continues to swell in Israel and elsewhere over the issue, one world power kept notably calm on the issue: China.

But Thursday, China weighed in, restating its support for an independent Palestinian state “with East Jerusalem as its capital,” the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing Foreign Minister spokesman Lu Kang.

Read more: Trump just handed Russia an opening in the Middle East peace process

Thanks in part to its reliance on the region’s oil, “China has made clear its determination to play a more important role in the Middle East,” Asian affairs magazine The Diplomat wrote in an analysis last week. “Trump’s latest decision seemed to have provided China a good chance to realize this goal.”

China is due to host an Israeli-Palestinian peace symposium Dec. 21-22, Lu Kang said. The event was planned last summer.

Protests and violent demonstrations against Trump’s decision continued. At least eight Palestinians have died in the backlash so far, including four on Friday alone. Hundreds more have been injured.


Posted by Nikki Haley acts like 'mob boss' re Jerusalem vote on Sat, 23 Dec 2017 14:54 | #

The Hill, “Nikki Haley made threats ‘like a mob boss’ over UN Jerusalem vote”, 22 Dec 2017:


Posted by Shining light unto the world on Thu, 28 Dec 2017 20:05 | #

A nice turn of phrase by Matthew Heimbach (endorsement of Trad Worker Party is not implied) -

This apathetic view of the Palestinian crisis is sometimes rooted in sincere anti-Islamic or isolationist sentiment. Israeli colonial meddling in the Muslim World is the main force radicalizing Muslims and driving them into the West, where Jews are more than eager to open the gate. Neocolonial Zionism has embraced, extended, and exterminated the ethnic identitarian ideal, perverting and subverting the natural and healthy striving for a humble homeland into a global and globalist attack on every ethnicity and identity but the Jewish one.

From “We’re All Palestinians Now”, 28 Dec 2017 ...

    ....and even more-so with your boy Trump’s help.

      Hence, this sentiment is a little late:

The only problem with standing with Palestinians is that Palestinians don’t yet stand with us. It’s a big problem, but it’s part of a larger problem where our cause is often perceived as aligned with and supportive of Zionism, colonialism, and Western military imperialism. White Nationalists routinely claim, while trying to be clever, that our cause is similar to Zionism, betraying that they understand neither Zionism’s history nor White Nationalism’s future.

    .....and these sentiments are also incompatible with Christianity, including your denomination - especially in its naive/disingenuous correspondence with the Russian “Federation”, Duginism, etc.

Then he goes on and comes clean with his Russian imperialism:

While we stand in solidarity with our White identitarian allies across the board, TradWorker’s forward-looking post-colonial, anti-colonial geopolitical framework is incompatible with White Nationalism’s more common and familiar sentimentalism for the bygone days when Western people got to be junior partners in the global colonialist project. Our nationalists often either want to advance toward a White Zionism where we also become a threat to other nationalists around the world or retreat to a paleocon isolationist indifference where we become irrelevant to other nationalists around the world.

Whether it’s Palestine’s Hamas, Syria’s Ba’ath Party, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, The Philippines’ Duterte, the DPRK, Iran, or even China, there’s an ascendant movement around the world that’s already moved past the West’s central banking machine and the globalist Enlightenment tropes it churns out. It’s hard to see the full picture from right in the middle of the American propaganda machine. It’s hard to wrap our minds around America’s inexorable geopolitical death spiral, but America, the European Union, and Israel are falling behind. Whites in America and Europe alike are not “People of Colonialism,” no matter what your professor told you. We’re under no moral or practical obligation to remain tied to the fate of a “Western Civilization” which is no longer either “Western” or civilized.

The Kurds, the Ukrainians, Saudi Arabia, the modern Sinn Fein, and the Scottish Nationalists promote globalism and suck up to the Jews. We must not support those people. Any movement that promotes globalism or suckles at the teat of Zion must be considered our enemy. Those with nationalist aspirations who attempt to tie the fate of their identitarian ambition to the globalists and their triangulations are betraying their integrity and won’t even achieve their homeland in exchange.

“The Ukrainians”? “The Kurds”?



Posted by Netanhayu pats Trump on the head on Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:22 | #

Trump: It’s great to be with Prime Minister Netanyahu, we’ve developed a great relationship, both as countries it has never been stronger and also as personal friends.

The big move is the fact that we will be moving our embassy to Jerusalem, way ahead of schedule by years.

Netanyahu: We also support you on your stalwart position on the Iran nuclear deal, you said it’s a disastrous deal. You said its fatal flaws are now fixed. You should walk away from it and I want you to know that if you decide to do that we will back you all the way.

We also appreciate the fact that you confront Iran’s aggression with us and with other parties in the region as never before.

I’ve never seen the holistic alliance between the Unites States, Israel and your other allies in the region as strong, as unified as it is under your leadership.

The last one is that you stood up for Israel in the UN, in a remarkable way, rock solid support. This is a place, it’s a house of slander against Israel and against The Unites States, and by word and by deed you’ve told them enough is enough ..as you finish your first year in office, I want to say that I look forward to continuing our remarkable, tremendous friendship in the years ahead and I want to express the appreciation of the people of Israel to you - thank you Mr. President.

Trump: Israel has always supported The United States.

There were many deals that came close [with the Palestinians] but we could never get past Jerusalem.

We took Jerusalem off the table so we don’t have to talk about it [with the Palestinians] anymore.


Posted by Giant US Military budget = corporate welfare on Thu, 25 Jan 2018 18:48 | #

Keith Preston, The Unites States military industrial complex is a corporate welfare program with a budget greater than the next 25 highest national military budgets combined:


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