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Vdare and counter-currents donations pitch

Posted by R-news on Friday, 30 December 2011 13:17.

Ran into Vdare begging for donations… bizarre excuses offered.  The main one’s that the writers have families to feed and are being ostracized.  Don’t use their names!  A successful publication, The Economist, does this.  The software Vdare uses allows for custom fields, sophisticated tagging and running boolean operators on tags, facilitating arbitrary categorization and custom display of taxonomy and fields.  There’s no need for author names. 

Peter Brimelow argues for VDare’s credentials by noting that the SPLC labels it a hate group, failing to add that the credentials are of uselessness at best, controlled opposition at worst!  The SPLC pretends MR doesn’t exist.  Why?  Because many of our articles make them pee pee and poo poo… the Hell they’ll give publicity to the real deal!

Brimelow says they don’t endorse candidates, in the midst of a tacit endorsement of Ron Paul, long revealed as controlled opposition.

In a nutshell, the donations request has to be a scam.  A good way of understanding this is to look at the recent fundraising marathon at  Greg Johnson claimed a need for $25,000, for what?  The web hosting should be less than $150/yr.  Apparently he’s trying to make a living off of it.  He got this much, which makes no sense given the Alexa ranking [traffic], age [set-up mid-2010] and quality of articles unless the bulk of it came from Juden, the only logical candidate as Johnson’s doing a great job of pleasing them.  Vdare’s not to be outdone, and should have no logical reasons to beg for money, but the Juden derive perverse pleasure in milking moolah from the people they’re scamming [witness wikipedia begging for donations].  Beware of the scamsters.

It is happening again

Posted by Guessedworker on Saturday, 06 August 2011 20:02.

At Occidental Dissent.  The time before last it happened - again at Occidental Dissent - I offered Prozium (or was it Scimitar) a guest-slot at MR because he was producing some very good conservative-going-on-WN material.  Someone I respect explained privately that this had all happened before (as Fade the Butcher), and to become involved in any way with this guy would be a mistake.  But it didn’t matter because Scimitar (or was it Prozium) started Odessa Syndicate.  When it happened again at Odessa Syndicate in 2008 I expressed the hope that Scimitar-Prozium would now understand his limitations, tragic as they are, and not attempt to operate in a lead role anywhere in the future.  But he started Occidental Dissent again.  Hunter Wallace’s newly muscled, Imm-friendly, Tea Party-friendly, lets-do-politics Occidental Dissent.

I wish Hunter well, but I also wish he would respect his situation and his readers, and not put himself and them through yet another cycle of destruction.  He surely will, though.  He says he’s fine.

Susie Green (VDARE) tells us why an Anglo-Saxon homeland or white nationalism is doomed. Is it?

Posted by J Richards on Monday, 18 July 2011 02:27.

Some comments on an essay by Susie Green at


Jack Donovan: ‘manly’ suicidal faggot to the right

Posted by Alex Zeka on Sunday, 18 July 2010 16:34.

Do you know who Jack Donovan is?

He is a frequent contributor at “Alternative Right”, a sort of mainstream radical right site. He is also according to his on-site bio:

a poor, blue-collar man made out of muscle and blood who moonlights as an advocate for the resurgence of patriarchal, paleo-masculine values among the Men of the West. He is a contributor to The Spearhead, as well as the author of Androphilia and co-author of Blood Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance. Mr. Donovan lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

What’s this book “Androphilia”? I am not sure how to put this politely so I won’t bother to, it is a tome which suggests that masculine men should embrace homosexuality. Not that this snazzly named Androphilia is precisely the same thing of course. Here’s how a highly sympathetic interviewer characterized it:

Across the desk is a man of mien. Could be an executive, a cop, a sergeant, a professor, a tradesman, or a union boss. But let’s suppose he is a lawyer. This man is not your father. You profess to hate this man, this boss, this authority. Perhaps just as you hate your father, for the usual specific reasons. But there is work to be done, and you are confronted, or seduced, by his command presence. A spell. The man looks you in the eye, outlines the task at hand, and your role. And it is understood, somehow, even as you are bewildered by your deference. You will rise to this occasion . . .  because.

Huge difference there - gays are of course all pederasts, and Jack Donovan apparently likes mature men. ‘Cos he’s manly, you know. And butch. And…stuff like that.

When this fails, and he can’t convince masculine un-pc men to turn gay, he has another suggestion for them: suicide.



Apologies for the down-time

Posted by Guessedworker on Sunday, 14 March 2010 06:45.

MR was knocked off-line all day yesterday.  All I can say in our defence is that the crash was not pilot error.  The rippling effects of a new security regime put in place by our hoster were the cause.  But here we are again, and I hope we’ve seen the back of the problem.  My thanks to James for devoting so much time to it, and my apologies to all our readers for presenting them with twenty-four hours of fayre no more interesting than an error message.

Political lies, lived lies, all that is not real

Posted by Guessedworker on Wednesday, 09 December 2009 08:19.

One day last week I received a mail from GT which contained a criticism of his which we know well.  “There is no merit,” he said, “in bringing the “life” approach to narcissistic, urban Internet “warriors” of paleoconservative/libertarian bent.”  Now, I have a lot of respect for GT, combative as he is, so I’ve replied in a considered form and in the context of the week’s big news in the long war for the Globality and against European Man ...

There it stands, the Big Lie of the moment: global warming is caused by our carbon emissions.  Sworn by the high priests of a new “science”, received by an owned political class, brought into the public consciousness as an article of faith insulated as far as possible from rational examination ... it is everything that interested parties need to deliver Europe’s benighted children from comfort and prosperity unto a life of need and, through need, subordination.

Interested parties?  Well, I will leave you to google “Lord Monckton” for a spotlight on the UN.  But here (pdf) is an essay titled ” Trading Emissions – Full Global Potential” and written by Simon Linnett, Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild, calling for a new legislative system to regulate emissions trading (aka “cap and trade”) and a global body, the World Environment Agency, to oversee it.  It was published by the Social Market Foundation in January 2008.

Governments must establish this legislative system, it says:

... on a “Triple L” programme – “Long, Loud and Legal”:

• Long: it is going to be around for a long time;

• Loud: it will be the dominant mechanism for sponsoring changes in behaviour and we are going to make this perfectly clear to the world’s people; and

• Legal: we will enforce it through law.

... As emissions trading expands so will its message. It could be envisaged that, across the world, each individual will come to know, when the bill comes in, exactly what the cost of turning on the gas or a light was to the environment. Perhaps individuals will gain a new appreciation of their burden on the broader world.

As mentioned in 4.1, this system whose size of allocations are based on population could act as a serious restraint on population growth, although a “release valve” might be required to allow targets to be adjusted to take account of population migration. More significant however, is the prospect that these allowances become the reserve currency of the world, taking over that role held for most of the 20th century by gold.

So emissions trading could establish a new world order for a sustainable planet.

Those three little words, which one would think people like Linnett, who move in Rothschild circles, would know better than to use in public, first appear in the Introduction to the essay:

it might be regarded to as having wider benefits than merely “saving the planet” – perhaps it might be the basis for a new world order, one that is not based on trade and/or conflict resolution – and, even:

Perhaps one can see a way to achieve this goal, through leadership, vision and some marginal and manageable renunciation of national sovereignty, how the world might just get there.

And they appear for the third and final time at the end of the section “How to get there”:


Five more years

Posted by Guessedworker on Tuesday, 01 December 2009 20:15.

It is five weeks since Hunter Wallace asked a question on our 5th birthday thread that deserves a proper response.  It was this:

Any thoughts on the next five years? What direction would you like to take?

For one reason or another I let HW’s question slip down the list of things to do at MR.  But I’m going to answer it now.  It will take only a little time.

Let’s start with the admission that it takes someone very special - a lot more gifted than me - to plan and to be entirely consequent.  Generally speaking, Man just proposes, you know.  And that’s what I did back in the summer of 2004 when, with Phil Peterson as sounding board, I cooked up a blog that would not simply be another guy sounding off about this wicked old world but would model the broad right - radical, hard and traditional - and contain all its ideological tensions.

Phil and I did not - could not - know how it would be received, let alone whether any synthesis might emerge.  Neither, since it was, anyway, designed for a larger purpose than anything one might achieve through blogging, could we know what direction it would take or how long it would hold together.  It had to be free to run its course.

As most of us no doubt recall, it did not hold together.  The principle reason was that Phil and I had decided to airbrush out the JQ to allow a better chance of success, but the “harder” right would not have that!  To be precise my most respected friends wintermute and ben tillman almost immediately drove a big, fast coach and horses straight through it.  We were left with the choice, which was no choice at all, of pretending to be Larry’s pals or challenging the “soft wing” to recognise that all those awful and impolitic things WNists say about the JQ have the benefit of being fundamentally true.  Some could not deal with that.


House Rule no 2764

Posted by Guessedworker on Monday, 30 November 2009 12:29.

DanielJ has made a very sensible observation about the tendency for outbreaks of strife on this and, as far as I can see, every other free board in our political micro-world.  In consequence, we are changing mod rules initially for a trial period of one month to see if we can eliminate the more abusive commentary which sometimes deforms MR threads.

Criticism, constructive or otherwise, remains fine - and personal criticism too.  But serious and inflammatory abuse is out.

This has always been the case here, of course.  But now the MR team, which comprises four old hands as well as myself, will remove not only the abusive comment but every entry by the miscreant on that thread.

If the word sinks in and the standard of commentary improves as expected we will relax the policy in some form - I like good and interesting but free speech.

This is the first time comment policy has been modified in MR’s history.  It does not represent a trend.  We will never go to full moderation or no comments, as some folks have suggested in the past.  Latitude and inclusiveness remain core values of this blog.

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