You Are Entering The Twilight Zone of The Alt-Right’s Blackpool Carnival Duck Shooting Gallery

Posted by DanielS on Monday, 26 June 2017 04:01.

You are entering the Twilight Zone of a Blackpool Carnival.

You realize that part of its nightmare is that you could go on indefinitely with this metaphor. There is too much to say -

Its right-wing organizers, their Jewish cohorts behind the scenes and the workers who attend want to maintain the clichés and stereotypes that they have placed as wooden-ducks on the shooting gallery conveyor belts. The Right and Jewish interests want the public to fire at these carefully crafted targets in ostensible justification of their position, which at the same time directs heat away from them and misdirects their potential antagonists. The workers want to maintain these received clichés and stereotypes also because these targets have been carefully crafted to flatter their self esteem and make them feel like sophisticated people for picking them off…

  ...“Diversity,” Blam!  ... “Multiculturalism,” Blam!  ...“The Left,” Blam!  ...“Social Justice Warriors,” Blam!  ...“Equality,” Blam!

The workers further value the cliche and stereotype duck targets as they are rewarded for shooting at them according to kind and gradient of difficulty. Starting with easier targets, they may win a pink clad Lauren Southern Doll for a girlfriend and applause instigated for that from the right wing barkers. Moving on in difficulty, perhaps a Carnival Master Barker Richard Spencer bobble-head; better still, a large stuffed animal with Carnival Patron William Regnery‘s name emblazoned upon it; perhaps a book from his catalogue or a subscription to National Review. The prizes get better with each passing duck they come…..

..“Racist” Blam! You fire, “A code world for anti-White!” You’re down with the White GenNOcide Project. And now Regnery and Spencer take note, you are in line to try for bigger rewards, perhaps celebrity or even an alt-right podcast!

A podcast especially if you hit the next duck….

“Anti-Semite” Blam! You fire, “Jews are behind many conspiracies, but seem pretty White to me and some of my best friends are Jews; fine paleocons who promote Judeo-Christianity.” 

Well done! You can be a regular part of the carnival operation now. A column and regular speaking engagements at conferences and in podcasts with fellow alt-righters is in order having hit that duck. (((The White GeNocide Project))) loves you.

...“Nazi” Blam! You fire, “We were on the wrong side in WWII.” Spencer and Regnery quietly take you aside to a private room, noting your talent as a maverick and Germanophile, with the nerve to take on hard targets, they will tell you, “look, we understand, but you have to cool it for now, most people won’t understand.” Regnery introduces you to his Jewish friends, Paul Gottriend and Gilad Atzmon, who are also sympathetic to Germany and it’s over-zealous persecution. Where not so easily placated by their paleoconservative and liberal alternative respectively, they speed up the ducks and make the targets harder ...

....“Holocaust,” Blam! You answer, “Never happened.” Special note is taken of your potential for stellar initiative. Your talent observed such that you may be taken upstairs and introduced to Horus the Avenger and Dr. Duke; who also tell you, “we understand, but cool it, most others just won’t understand”; nevertheless their ilk can show you how to be a true right wing sociopath, how to run your own franchise dealership, shooting gallery, whatever - you are the Schmittian exception now; you might even sell-out your people in ultimate complicitness with the very Jews that you decry daily.

- They point to TRS, champion dealership now. See?  Even if you are Jewish, no problem, you can go crypto Alt-Right too. You can also be a semi-open or fully open Jew at Alternative Right, at Stark Radio, throughout the Alt Lite*. Be a celebrity in the Alt Right!

Now, this metaphor of the Blackpool duck shooting gallery may not be appreciated in the sense that it is the kind of metaphor that you’d hear from creepy Red Leftists mocking ordinary people having good-natured, even if low-brow fun.

But the point of going through this metaphor is to illustrate that there is both pressure and reinforcement from a large cultural milieu to be faithful in representation of most of the clichéd and stereotyped ducks offered up as opposition by the alt-right (which is purported guardian of White interests) and encouraged, in fact, usually coined as such by the YKW.

The truth is that this dark, carnival shooting gallery game that is being played by the alt-right is creepy too, like a Twilight Zone episode, “The Blackpool Duck Shooting Gallery.” And it is being played here at MR most assiduously of all, without fail - thus an apt metaphor in overture to deal with the foundationalism and skepticism that lies behind this wooden-duck shooting gallery game played here, at least for the time being.

Applause heard from the right wing gallery as shots ring out, blam! “academic”, blam! “the left”, blam! “sociology”... blam! “construct.”

Reaction is a natural and normal response for White men in particular to the overbearing forces of Jewish leftism. It was for me.

It is surely an expression of reaction to the abuses and misuses of disciplines such as sociology - abuses of the interests of European peoples that largely explain unwillingness to see both emergent and social concerns as important and feeding back upon each other - correctable in ongoing process…

To instead wish to parse-out social concern as artifice, to fiddle in the pretense of a sterile room laid bare of its contaminants, for a universal foundational ontology that must come first, and comprehensively so, even while our sociology, our people as a group, burn.

That seeks rather, universal emergent foundations, through Heideggarian ontology, as if these are pure, “non-academic” concerns.

Where I was first moved to investigate academia in earnest, I was in fact motivated similarly as GW, with an eye toward revenge for its social abuses of my people and in quest of unshakeable, universal foundations through scientific rigor that could not be fucked with by the mavens of PC and liberalism.

Thus, I understand where GW is coming from when he treats my implementation of certain academic concepts as a bad thing because at present he can only see the wooden ducks that he has been dealt. If I present to him the malleability of academic ideas, that is for him only proof of their perfidy.

Blam! “Academic” ... not paying any attention to the fact that I have spent most of my life outside of academia, suffering from PC and liberalism as much as anyone; and without fail have shown to have tooled any academic concepts that I have acquired to the requirements of ethnonationalism - not only theoretical corrections of right wing reaction.

There is an advantage to my having fought my way to rub elbows among top academics. I was able to witness up close and personal, the development, the constructedness indeed of terms and concepts that enter the social order. This has enabled me to see not only why they were deploying terms and concepts as they had, but to get beyond mere reaction, to see the potential use of terminology, why and where we should deploy concepts and terms in our interests. For that experience, I was also able feel my agency in the matter, to not be so prone to want to treat everything as merely found object; and as I experienced my agency, to not feel so averse to malleability.

I was able to investigate the depth of these ideas, to see why they are important, why and how they are deployed against our interests; and given that they are important, that they can and should be deployed for our interests instead - not only after universal foundations have been established, but of necessity, co-terminously with the closer readings of science and ontology.

Not only by contrast, after stopping the social world (as it gets worse and worse) to first and only first, lay bare the universal foundations of the ontology in the belief that it will ground a natural proclivity for ethno-nationalism.

In what is to come, I hope to show that it is needless and improper to avoid attendance to the a broad perspective on urgent social matters for our people; that indeed, we know enough ontology to proceed, that the ontological unit of analysis can alternate with a general orientation on the social, where necessary turning attention to re-examine and correct our “blueprints” so to speak.

Nevertheless, despite my good will, solid efforts and backing, I can only anticipate that no matter how important, no matter how crucial that ideas to be gotten across, that they will be treated as superfluous - like wooden ducks at Blackpool. This introduction alone could go indefintely as I feel the need to begin any statement with a litany of what I am NOT saying. ...again, and again, the wooden ducks.

Because GW is in reaction to academic humanities, it is not clear to him yet that terminology and these conceptual tools are not trivial matters. As such, he apparently believes that because a term might not be eternal, or because a concept is relatively new, that that makes it a trivial matter.

It is assuredly a reaction that cannot see the difference of what I say and do, but must replace what I say with the wooden ducks supplied by the YKW and reactionaries.

This has been a bad surprise, largely because it is unnecessary. Nevertheless, I’ve had to come to anticipate this absurdity resulting from a propping up of these ducks by the YKW and The Alt-Right.

No matter how many times I have said and corrected what I am saying, it will be taken as a wooden duck of cliches and stereotypes provided by Jewish interests and accepted by right-wingers - no matter that it is not a remotely accurate representation of what I am saying and its significance.

Terms and concepts I have corrected to our interests many times before, but nevertheless, their cliched and stereotyped misrepresentations will be set back in place instead. It is like a Twilight Zone of a Blackpool duck shooting gallery indeed.

It’s all “academic nonsense” to be cleared away, leaving only Heidegger and emergentism - somehow not supposed to be “academic.”

Given the urgency of matter and the efficacy of the tools being ignored, how clearly the Alt-Right has been hoodwinked, it is hard to speak about this obstruction in a tactful way - such that it will be both forceful enough to bring about a more cooperative, participatory stance, yet respectful enough to allow adjustment to be made despite its having been so staunchly opposed. There is cause for hope in that predilections for emergentism largely adhere, complement and can be complemented by a broader, social hermeneutic perspective.

It is my sincerest hope that GW will come to see his intelligence and efforts in ontology valued, that his focus on emergence is valid and necessary at one end of systemic topoi. It is also my sincerest hope that he will respond differently than he has to date to confirmation of the validity of that focus, along with overtures that it can be integrated with a social systemic group perspective that is equally essential and in fact, more urgent a matter of attention given that we are being attacked as a group under the rubric of anti-racism.

In its history, Majorityrights has come through a modernist perspective, presuming that ideas coming from practically everywhere and anyone would provide a rigor that would destroy all that was fake and leave only what was foundational in the end.

This was an unfortunate legacy of the boomer generation which was not yet privy to the White Post Modern Turn.

Failing that apprehension, agency and a Manichean streak out there was bound to obfuscate where not wrecking true gains and burying them in nonsense. To salvage, consolidate and advance the fine efforts contributed here, it was necessary to get rid of the trolls and discourage those who hold dear to ideologies that would not allow for ethno-nationalist homeostasis.

There is intelligence and some good ideas generated from the ranks of these folk, but there comes a time when the skepticism and criticism of reactionaries, who do not realize that they are arguing against misrepresentations of ideas which can serve our peoples interests, or worse, who are trolls wanting to keep us from proper theoretical orientation, must be moved beyond. That doesn’t mean that the trolls are going to give up, of course.

It is the case that some of these people cannot move beyond a reactionary position: whether Christianity; its allergic reaction in Nazism; its generic variant, scientism; or just an intransigent contentiousness, so angry and paranoid that they would divine conspiracy theories that would ironically fall into complicity with right wingers and Jews - the very people who generated problems for us; along with their hand maidens, whether in American politics or Russian Active Measures.

Though I have done well to get rid of these people, some probably lurk in the background, encouraging the re-institution of a reactionary position - they egg GW on to be a hero as such.

In this Cartesian anxiety, ideas that I send through, no matter how good, no matter how worthy of discussion and elaboration, are just so many “lefty academic sociology” wooden ducks to be shot down as they come across in the private wooden-duck shooting gallery amusement. Naturally I don’t relish setting forth ideas when I know that even the best of them will be treated dismissively, at best.

But the fact that I discouraged people who insist upon imposing upon us Jesus, Hitler, Jews and scientism - let alone those who traffic in conspiracy theory - as running counter to the proper orientation for homeostasis as European peoples, does not mean that I don’t value participation: on the contrary. And while they have other places to go, MOST people are not like them but do not have a place to come that is quite like MR is becoming.

Participation has been so far difficult to generate for the boomer misconception of communication in the transmissions model - the unilateral authority transmits knowledge to an audience who passively receives the linear transmission.

Despite this being a discussion forum and perfectly suited to participation in the joint construction of knowledge, it has been an opportunity that has been slow to yield. That is largely because MR was populated by boomers with that conception of communication; and for the concomitant fact many of them were right wingers. There have been two unfortunate results. That people who love Hitler, Jesus and Jews won’t like me is a given, but they also want to treat anything that I say like the wooden ducks they’ve been given to shoot and affirm their world view.

Despite the fact that I do NOT want to lord as expert over people, disseminating information from the high and mighty unilateral position; and that I want, rather, to participate in the joint construction of knowledge, the hostility of these folks would place me in that role again and again, not in respect, but because they want to treat any ideas that I put across as wooden ducks; but also because they would like to subject me to ad hominum, like the bobo-doll foil (the bobo doll is the one that you knock down and it keeps bouncing up to be hit again). While I have no desire to be a lone authority, neither do I have any desire to be anyone’s bobo doll - hence, why I have been rather rough for some time now to those who treat me that way - those who pretend that I pompously see myself as an infallible lord of the transmission model which older, right wing generations are familiar with.

So, it has been difficult to transition from the the boomer generation’s transmissions model of communication, to greater participation from the younger generations - probably due in large part because the younger generations have been immersed in the superficiality of tweets and worse, in self confirming internet bubbles as inseminated by right wing boomers: with an eye toward the “cosmopolitan elite” spearheaded by the “68ers” that “sought to take away our traditions and our Christianity”, many of these young alt-righters have “got it all figured out” - they have become young fogies.  ...“The Left,” Blam! Only the same as liberalism or Jewish and other non-White interests. “Diversity,” Blam! A code word for “anti-White.”  ... “Multi-Culturalism,” Blam! Means chasing down the last White person ....“Equality,” Blam! No such thing, an illusion of “Social Justice Warriors.”

Still, I’ve heard a few good ones from them: “anti-supremacist” and “anti-dialogical” ....

Toward the end of preparing the way for that more participatory, joint construction of knowledge, I will penetrate deeper into “academic” philosophical premises, get down to brass tacks in dealing with the foundationalism and misplaced skepticism which it fetishizes. I hope that in sharing the sense of agency that I experienced, this will allow us to move beyond the Cartesian anxiety - to see not a bane of hopeless relativism, but profound opportunity to secure our interests as ethno-nationalists.



Posted by Theresa May sounding "Tory-Left" on Thu, 29 Jun 2017 23:38 | #

Therasa May is said to be adopting a Tory-Left sounding rhetoric; inasmuch as that’s true, I (DanielS) approve.


Posted by Bill on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 03:59 | #

I keep asking, which Britain are they, (political class) talking about, 1950’s Britain or 21st century multicutural Britain?


Posted by Meta-Meta Cernovich on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 02:44 | #

* In this Youtube video looking at the transcript and commenting on (((Cernovich’s 60 Minutes))) interview, pilpul is witnessed for sure.

However, the poster of this video of the Cernovich/60 Minutes Interview transcript, Robert Timsah, interjects on Cernovich’s comment, when Cernovich asks, “Well, if you have a lot of people, a large swatch of the company or country that is suffering, then I think we owe it to all Americans to help them out. So is that right wing or is that left wing? I don’t know.”

At round the 4:50 mark, Timsah, who otherwise doesn’t say much, chimes-in quietly, ixnay, psssst, “It’s Left Wing.”

However, given that America is a proposition nation, the idea of “owing it to all Americans” would not be White left, it would be Red Left - translate, liberalism when it comes to Whites.

While the rendering of a “White Left” in the American context does have to contend with a complexity from Marxists in the sense that it could be conceived of as imperviously unionizing gains which have perhaps been ill gotten by right wing activities exploitative of other peoples - e.g., if the average “worker” who voted for Trump makes 71 K a year, it is possible for people of this interest group to misuse the concept to sustain right wing exploitation, and to maintain their aspiration to become haute and Jewy themselves. Maintaining exploitation, however, is not the purpose of articulating the concept. The White Left concept has the means of accountability to its own group and therefore to other Left Nationalisms, not just “market” and other abstract principles of “nature”, might makes right, whatever.

  Comment by DanielS


Posted by david yandell on Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:32 | #

That’s a whole lot of pretentious diction to say what? It seems you’re in some kind of conflict with the alt-right, that they are sell-outs, controlled opposition or something along those lines ?  I’m willing to listen, but you have to write in English for an English-speaking audience.


Posted by DanielS on Thu, 03 Aug 2017 20:46 | #

David Yandell, your comment is stupid and rude. Seeing as you are probably a Trump voter and probably need Trump level English, I will try to explain why your comment is stupid and rude this time, but if you try this approach again, I will delete the comment immediately. I am not pretentious and I don’t pretend, there is no time for that, our problems are too serious and I am sincerely concerned. As I say further down in this post, I am not a bobo doll, here to bound back up again after each punch for more abuse. If you ask me a strait forward question about something specific, I will answer it. But you didn’t do that, you tried to pretend that I am not speaking English while I am using an obvious metaphor - and why am I speaking in obvious metaphor? To change things up and provide another perspective that might resonate with some people precisely because I have presented the basic thesis before, which you should have surmised - i.e., if you yourself are not the pretentious one, then you are too lazy to even skim through the posts to see the many times [e.g., here, here and here.] that I have already answered the questions that you ask and try to require me to repeat yet again - where I think the Alt Right came from and what it is up to. In fact, it is because I have talked about this enough already that I changed things up with some playful analogy.

This time I will answer you, but not if you approach me this way again.

I have talked a great deal about the Alt-Right and so what you are misapprehending as “pretentious” is me being playful in the sense of speaking metaphorically in this case in order to take another angle on what the so-called Alt-Right is up to.

In this case, I wanted people to consider looking at the the Alt-Right as a marketing campaign, by analogy here, marketing something like a shooting gallery game attraction, to encourage participation in their big tent, originally conceived by Jewish interests - it is a refurbishing of (((Frank Meyer’s paleoconservatism))) at the suggestion of (((Paul Gottfried))) and William Regnery to cobble together a big tent coalition of right wing reactionaries who they could more or less control, yes, against White left ethnonationalist and other left ethnonationalist social organization that might take cause against now dominant interests - largely Jewish and right wing complicit.

This faddish initiative called the alt right has the hallmarks of a (((Madison Ave))) style marketing campaign, in which they provide various memes - there are “good guys”, and their memes, like the “alt right” who are “red pilled”, a new generations of “edgy fashies”, full of “lol-ish” trolling; and there are the “bad guys” and “their memes” - “the left” and a bunch of other Jewish popularized terms that are misrepresented originally by them as their opposite, in such a way that to fight against them has you actually fighting for that which they seek - to your detriment.

Thus, they have misrepresented “the left” as liberalism and have people arguing against the “left” (more and more since the onset of the alt right in 2008), having concealed that what alt-righters are really arguing against is their own socially unionized means of accountability against elite oppression - such as Jewish and right wing oppression/imposition.

In this case I have likened misrepresentation of “the left” as a wooden duck that they have marketed for the Alt Right crowd to shoot at and feel sophisticated about shooting, win prizes for shooting.

In other cases I have likened it to a red cape that they have people chasing.

But with either metaphor, like most all terms that they have people in the alt right arguing against, they achieve the effect that they, Jewish interests and their right wing cohorts, want to achieve:

“Multiculturalism” - “bad”, fight against it and you get its opposite, i.e., monoculturalism, “one race the human race.” Pat Buchanan called multiculturalism “a sewer” and suggested that all Americans should speak English and be Christians - why? Of course, so that we could blend into a brown monculture. Merkel famously said that “multiculturalism was a failure” ...what was she suggesting, that the foreigners go home? Of course not, she was talking about something far more egregious, that we should treat all people as one big family and believe that our kindness will work out ok.

“Diversity” - “bad” we don’t want a diversity of species, we want a completely inflexible, thorough integration of various species, including of human beings, that would leave us totally unprepared for necessary mutation in various contingencies.

“Social justice warriors” - no, we don’t want social justice, we love injustice, that’s the alt-right, we are just too cool to be concerned with social justice; so edgy.

“Equality” - “We the alt-right” are against equality, we want inequality and just love the vain and false comparisons likely to be made through this quantifying obliviousness to qualitative, ecologically complimentary differences.

“Post Modernity” is another one that (((they))) completely misrepresented, causing people in effect to argue on behalf of modernity again, and repeat the destruction to inherited identity that modernity causes..

There are several of these, what I am calling in this post, wooden ducks, that the (((backers))) of the Alt Right market as “enemy targets” for Alt Righters to shoot down in the public and thus inadvertently promulgate and advance the Jewish cause along with complicit right wingers - markedly now, against left nationalism, social organization against their elite hegemony, exploitation and destruction.


Posted by Dr. Watson on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 01:50 | #

Attributing Paddock’s motivation to “inexplicableness” or the mass shooting of white Trump supporters to a governmental “anti-gun conspiracy gone wrong” absolves the Left of responsibility and the Right of having to respond to the Left in a meaningful way.  Now that that has been addressed, can we return to the problem of North Korea and the NFL?  Thank you.


Posted by DanielS on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 02:28 | #

Posted by Dr. Watson on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 01:50 | #

Attributing Paddock’s motivation to “inexplicableness”

I, for one, did not and do not say it is inexplicable, only that the motive is unknown as yet (or last I checked).

or the mass shooting of white Trump supporters to a governmental “anti-gun conspiracy gone wrong”

We do not do conspiracy theory here, so - no need to fret about that.

absolves the Left of responsibility and the Right of having to respond to the Left in a meaningful way.

By the context (i.e., your obvious motives to blame “The Left”) I would substitute the word liberal (or internationalist, red left, as a Jewish movement that does not respect White unionization and the necessity thereof; and is therefore imposing liberalization of would-be White boundaries/borders/union membership) where you use “Left”; and say that you have a reasonable hypothesis there as to (the radical sources that may have composed his mindset) and might have “motivated”, or rather what might have driven this guy.

I would then say that the White Left, the organization, unionization by metaphor, of our interests against liberal elitist destruction of our peoples, is what is required for a meaningful response (as opposed to right wing reaction, which the YKW are good at manipulating to our catastrophe).

Now that that has been addressed, can we return to the problem of North Korea and the NFL?  Thank you.

We’re keeping tabs on the NFL and the pejorative influence of sports - attendance in negrophilia and the advancement of black and mulatto position as opposed to White interests.

We are also keeping tabs on Korea, and just as pressingly at the moment, on Iran.

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